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The results, as of 00:51, April 1, 2014 (UTC), were:

  • It's changed so much that I almost don't recognize it now. - 18 (2.66%)
  • So many new additions! It makes The Sims 1 like playing with a dollhouse in real life. - 140 (20.68%)
  • I like the new stuff, but I do miss the old days... - 138 (20.38%)
  • I absolutely loathe the new releases and I only play the older Sims games. - 37 (5.47%)
  • I like all games in the series. The newer games obviously have some improvements, but I still play the older games from time to time. - 289 (42.69%)
  • ...There was a Sims 1?? I don't even remember! - 55 (8.12%)
Total responses: 677
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