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Welcome to the Sims Wiki Newsletter 13 Feb 2010Edit

Welcome to the new SIms newsletter!

TS3 Stuff!Edit

The new stuff pack for The Sims 3 is OUT! If you liked the aquarium (from TS2: Apartment Life), the vibrating bed(The Sims : Livin' it Up) and older stuff fromn The Sims 2 and The Sims, it might be an idea to buy The Sims 3 with Design and Hi-Tech stuff! Comes with a lot of stuff!

The Sims 2 : City LifeEdit

I, TheDataMonster, have started work on The Sims 2: City Life. It includes:

A new city, West Norman

Over 30 new objects

4 new families

and much more...

COMING Q2 2010!

Which is the best Sims game for the PC?Edit

Stand-alone, what is your favourite Sims game for the PC!

Standard vote look:

I like the sims 3 - Signature
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