Current logo.

The Sims Wiki's current logo is derived from the logo for The Sims 4, was created by Lost Labyrinth, and was adopted after a community proposal.

The project file for our current logo, should anybody wish to adapt this logo for other purposes such as inter-language or holidays, is available here. Note that this file requires an installation of either GIMP or Photoshop to function, as project files are available for both.

Previous logos


Since January 2014, several logos derived from the current logo have been created for special days and events. These logos were created by various users.


From June 2011 to January 2014, The Sims Wiki used a logo created by Erry, featuring a The Sims 3-era plumbbob. Erry created several special versions of the logo for various wiki features and events.


From October 2010 to June 2011, The Sims Wiki used a modified version of the older "Trullx0xman logo," created by Bleeh. This logo features Trullx0xman's old-style plumbbob "soccer ball."


From May 2009 to October 2010, The Sims Wiki used Trullx0xman's "soccer ball" logo. The design of the logo was inspired by the logo for Wikipedia, and is composed of plumbbobs from the three different eras of The Sims released at that time. The logo was selected through a wiki-wide logo contest


Prior to 2009, The Sims Wiki used other logos from various users.

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