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The Sims Wiki IRC Channel is an Internet Relay Chat channel that allows people to communicate with each other via live chat through the Internet. It is registered as #wikia-sims on the freenode network.

Almost any topic is up for discussion in the channel as long as it's not overly inappropriate. Administrators in the channel are marked with 'op', which is an @ in front of their name in addition to having operator status in the channel. Bureaucrats have the same cosmetic status as administrators with the addition of the ability to change user flags.

A guide to the general usage of IRC can be found here.

See how much fun we have in the channel by taking a look at the IRC quotes.


There is an official policy for the IRC channel. Failure to follow the policy may result in a warning, kick or a ban from the channel. The ban list can be found here.

In short, use your common sense and treat others how you wish to be treated. Then everyone will get along nicely and drama/conflict is kept to a minimum. If you happen to witness something you shouldn't then tell an administrator via a private message.


If you're having a problem with a user or something else on IRC, you can query these users regarding the issue. You can find out more about chanops here as well as requesting these rights here.



Accessing the channel

IRC client

Getting an IRC Client

See also: Wikipedia:Comparison of Internet Relay Chat clients

There are many different clients for using IRC. Many people use webchat (see "Browser connect through Freenode"). However, some clients provide you with more options than others. The Sims Wiki can recommend these clients:

  • Chatzilla - a free IRC client for Firefox.
  • mIRC - a client for Windows which isn't free but there is a 30 day free trial and you are able to purchase if you wish.
  • HexChat - An updated and maintained free version of XChat for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
  • Colloquy - an IRC client for Mac OS X.
  • Rooms - an IRC client for iOS which is not free.

Browser connect through Freenode


IRC bots

These are bots seen on the IRC Channel. Please remember that these are not humans.

  • Deux ex machina is a trivia bot used for leisure entertainment on #wikia-sims. The bot features some leisure commands primarily used for entertainment. This bot also logs the channel in order to generate the IRC stats page. Commands can be found here. Controlled by Lost Labyrinth.
  • delta is a bot that can create links to pages on the wiki by typing [[<page name>]]. It posts new tweets from @thesimswiki, and has various other serious and not-so-serious commands that can be viewed by typing "`commands" and "`list alias". Controlled by Xd1358.
  • Mystique is a bot that assists channel operators in moderating the channel and keeping it free of spam. It will auto-kick users it believes are spamming or disrupting the channel. If you get kicked by the bot and you believe it was a mistake, please contact an administrator, along with an explanation of what you did. Controlled by Lost Labyrinth.
  • Eve. Controlled by MrBenC.
  • Margo. Controlled by MrBenC.

Stats page

The Sims Wiki's IRC Channel has a webpage, referred to as a "stats page", which lists the most active users over a given period of time, URLs posted, emoticons used amongst other things. The stats page can be viewed here.

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