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==Current nominations==
==Current nominations==
:'''Nominated article:''' [[Major]]
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:'''Nomination reason:''' I think it's a very well-made article, and it covers a lot of useful information over all the university-themed packs in the series.
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:'''Nominating user:''' - [[User:AireDaleDogz|<span style="color:#4B0082">✨AireDaleDogz✨</span>]] ([[User talk:AireDaleDogz|<span style="color:#800080">talk</span>]]) 11:01, January 22, 2020 (UTC)
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{{Countdown|time={{#time: r|@{{#expr:1579690865 + 1209600}}}}|zone=UTC}} remaining to vote.
====Votes for Major====
====Votes against Major====
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