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Each month on The Sims Wiki, we feature a fan fiction story on the Fanon Portal. We appreciate your input in selecting the fan fiction which will be featured.

Past Featured Fan fictionEdit

September 2013Edit

The Funhouse Secret is a road-trip themed fan fiction written by the recently promoted administrator Beds. Set in the Lunar Lake and with a splash of aliens, will the characters be able to help out the alien?

August 2013Edit

Survival Island, based off of the Hunger Games, is a multi-authored fanon. After Alexander Goth (known as the Watcher) goes back to the past to dominate his mother’s childhood, he forces four teenagers from fourteen towns to murder each other on a tropical island in what he calls the Goth Battles. No one has dared to fight back before, but out of pain arises strength, and out of strength, the will to live.

July 2013Edit

Cluedo - Murder At The Mansion! is a fan fiction created by OfficialNathanBanks. A fan fiction deriving its name from a board game "Clue, it is a thriller/horror story with a bit of investigative elements. May I mention that it is well illustrated as well?

April 2013Edit

Dawn of The Sims is a fan fiction created by ColinThePanda. This fan fiction is one of the fan fictions to take the form of the fledging (or what used to be fledging) cooperative fan fictions, meaning it was one of the fan fictions that specifically allowed other users to contribute plot to the story (in a manner far greater than say Time Paradox with its character openings). How well did it go out? Well, it made it here. Congratulations to ColinThePanda and all the contributors!

March 2013Edit

The Good Ones is a fan fiction created by Pidgeoraptor7. Like the previous winner, The Good One too is written in chapter form, and also involves vampires in Bridgeport. The Good One involves Pierce VanPyre, who is a man turned vampire that must juggle roles and responsibilities posed by child, work, and affiliation. Dive in to hear the tales of the man!

February 2013Edit

Of The Night is a fan fiction created by Freedom50000. Of The Night like most of the other featured fan fictions is written in chapter form. As for the most base plotline, it takes place in Bridgeport involving vampires, although the main character Nisha doesn't really enjoy the benefits of being a vampire. Kudos to Freedom50000 for this fan fiction!

January 2013Edit

A Pleasant Story is a fan fiction created by new admin AsherÉire. A Pleasant Story is a story regarding a English Sim struggling to learn Simlish, encountering soon-to-be friends in a relatively mundane setting. It is a long series alongside the other major Fan fictions, so curious about how the story goes? Go check it out.

November 2012Edit

A Birthday Party is a fan fiction created by new editor TheSims23. It about two rival groups at a school, the 'Popular' group and the 'Normal' group. A girl from the 'Popular' group had a dream about murdering the girls from the 'Normal' group, and attempts to do it. What will happen?

October 2012Edit

The Life Of Bella Goth is a fan-fiction created by Officialdinacaliente. It is an epic and romantic disaster story based around Bella Goth and her experiences. What will happen in this epic tale?

September 2012Edit

The Case of the Gunshot Wounds is a fan-fiction created by DanPin. An Investigator named Jake Gannon is the main character, and his friend Renee Littler is shot and killed, and Jake is trying to solve her murder. What will happen?

August 2012Edit

Time Paradox is a fan-fiction created by Mathetesalexandrou. What happens when a time-space rift brings in people from ancient cultures? What happens when this same rift radically alters the said characters? What happens when a neighborhood is filled with individual enmities?

February 2012Edit

A Nightmare on Oak Grove Road is a fan-fiction created by BobNewbie. It is a horror that incorporates elements from A Nightmare on Elm Street and The Sims 3. The residents of Sunset Valley are in terror as a killer is invading their homes and murdering them in their dreams.

October 2011Edit

The Diner Guy is a fan-fiction created by Lost Labyrinth. It is a comedy which will (hopefully) keep you laughing for a while. The creator wanted to make the story dramatic while entertaining and funny as well as giving a message to the reader, hence the plot, character development and celebrity appearences.

September 2011Edit

Hearts of Hallowan is the title of a Sims-based fiction series currently under development by LostInRiverview. It chronicles the lives of the seemingly ordinary citizens of Hallowan, a small working class community located in the heartland.

August 2011Edit

Servo Wars is a fanon movie written by Lost Labyrinth. It is about 3 bots who are pitted against each other in a fierce battle who must unite in order to save the world, and perhaps the entire universe, from a mysterious villain who knows no limits...

July 2011Edit

SimFormula is a unique fanon page, created by Andronikos Leventis. It shows the consequences of what might happen if there was somehow a way to get into the game of The Sims. It is a great science-fiction story, and an exemplary example of quality.

June 2011Edit

PlumbBobs & Prejudice
PlumbBobs & Prejudice is one of the longest standing Fanon stories on the wiki. It was originally thought of by Duskey, and it uses IRC users and users on the wiki as characters. It is unique, as any user can add a chapter if they want to. It tells the story of Lady Bleeh and her family, and their struggles and misadventures.

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