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This page is currently inactive and is retained for historical reference
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Here you can vote for or nominate your choice for the next battle. To vote, follow these guidelines to submit your choice:

1. Under the "Nominations" Section, place this layout:

===Article Name vs Article Name===





  • Replace "Article Name" with the names of the articles you want to see battle each other. Under "Rationale," include a reason for nominating the fight. Unlike the Canon Battles, in which nominations can be made from anything by anyone as long as it is canon material, Fanon Battles are slightly different, as to respect the authors' privacy, only the fanons of volunteers (look below) can be nominated. There is a small exception, as one can nominate one's own fanon without being listed as a volunteer if the nominator wishes to protect his/her other fanons. Also, if one wishes to protect other fanons while wishing to nominate one's own, one may give out permission to another via talk, or put up the fanon article in the open single entries. 
  • If fanons made by multiple people are concerned, nominations must be given explicit permission by all contributors, either by message or by presense of their signatures in the volunteer lists.
  • A nomination will be considered a vote towards the nomination, so please leave a vote over at the vote section, lest you miss out on 1 vote.

2. Place #--~~~~ underneath the "Votes" sections; this is a signature. The code will automatically convert into your user name and the time of your vote. You must sign your name. Comments can be placed between "#" and "--~~~~".
3. If your comments are too lengthy to be included in the votes sections, or if you have a different take on the battle, please place any other comments in the "Comments" section.
4. Do NOT vote for the same battle more than once. Each bullet (#) counts as a vote.
5. Please add new nominations to the BOTTOM of the list. Please do not vote for your own nomination.
6. Any users who cheat on the vote will have their vote(s) discarded, and may face administrative action. 



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