This page lists specific rules put into place for existing users by Administrators. These users have likely been troublesome in one way or another yet seem to want to contribute in good faith or don't warrant any kind of extremity when it comes to discipline and as such, are given specific additional restrictions based on past behavior, tendencies to act disruptively, etc.

The rules here are to be dealt with by Admins only. If you see one of the following users causing trouble in one of the listed manners, please inform an admin ASAP.

Active Restrictions

Below is a list of active restrictions on problem users. Users may be moved to Probation if they show good behavior for a reasonable amount of time since the institution of their restrictions or last block.


User:DrakonoSkerdikas (talk · contribs · editcount · block · modify rights · logs · block log)
Instated by: K6ka on 21:26, September 6, 2019 (UTC)
Overview of Problems Drakono has had quite a bit of history over the past year, including counterproductive edit warring and failing to use the preview button. They've also been extremely unresponsive and unwilling to act on or even notice messages left on their talk page, as evidenced here where their edit duplicated an entire article, and despite the fact that I left them a message on their talk page, they somehow insisted I didn't leave them a response. They have also demonstrated a lack of patience and rational judgement in their actions, as evidenced by a frivolous page move done without consensus or without heed to standard practice, as well as forum threads making irrational proposals such as shutting down fanon creation because "I don't think I can word out my reason properly". Most notably, however, their edits have been of exceedingly low quality, often filled with typos and poor grammar, making it very hard for copyeditors to correct his work. Recently they were left a message informing them of their low quality edits, citing these as examples ([1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]). They responded with this, as well as this, and then made this edit on Telephone, with the glaring errors highlighted here.
User Restrictions
  • DrakonoSkerdikas is prohibited from making edits on his own to articles and game guides. This prohibition does not extend to pages outside of those two namespaces. It also does not apply if the edits are clearly uncontroversial in nature and would not require checking, such as the reversion of vandalism.
  • DrakonoSkerdikas is required to either 1) draft his changes and propose them on the talk page for review; or 2) explain his changes on the talk page in a "please change X to Y" format. Users reviewing his changes should have some establishment on the wiki; there is no hard requirement, but a new user with few or no other edits is not permitted to review changes by DrakonoSkerdikas. Preferably, the user reviewing the edit should be proficient in English and willing to suggest changes to DrakonoSkerdikas for further revision before publishing their changes. Changes published into articles should be free of glaring spelling or grammatical errors.

Any breaches to these restrictions will be met with a block. In edge cases, a warning may be issued instead. These blocks shall escalate in length for repeated offenses.

Comments Refer to The Sims Wiki talk:Admin Portal#Editing_restriction_on_DrakonoSkerdikas. Due to the nature of this situation, this ER should only be moved into probation once the user has demonstrated an improvement in their English writing capabilities and have been more open to discussion and criticism on their talk page.


Users listed here have shown good behavior and are to be released from their restrictions pending an additional 30 days of good behavior. Users must be reasonably active during these 30 days in order for their restrictions to be lifted.

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