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The Sims Wiki has created a Discord chat server that is open to the public. Like IRC, Discord allows people to communicate in real-time. Once a user account is set up, using Discord and joining the server is relatively easy.

See how much fun we have on the server by seeing our quotes page!

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By joining, you agree to abide by the server rules.

What is Discord?

Discord is a multi-platform online text and voice chat service. Discord allows users across the world to text chat in real-time, similar to on-wiki Chat and IRC (Internet Relay Chat). Unlike Wiki Chat or IRC, Discord also allows users to transmit audio in real-time. Voice chat is especially popular with gamers, and Discord is designed to run alongside games and has an in-game overlay interface (similar to Steam and Origin).

Discord hosts many public and private "servers," and these servers can have multiple text and voice "channels." Each server is managed by the server's owner and administrators. Server access is controlled on a per-server basis by the server owner and server administrators.

Discord can be run through web browsers such as Edge, Chrome, and Firefox, or it can be run through a downloadable standalone client; links to open Discord in-browser or to download the client are available at Registration is required in order to use Discord. Most features and services on Discord, including registering an account, joining or creating a server, participating on a server, and private messaging other users, are free.

Joining The Sims Wiki's Discord server

Anyone can join The Sims Wiki's Discord server. To join, you must have an account on Discord that is at least five minutes old with a verified email address (You can create an account here).

To join the server, click on the following link: This will open Discord in a separate tab, or open your Discord client. You will be added to the Welcome channel on the server, but you will be free to view and talk in most public channels on the server.

Server rules

The following are general rules for chatting on The Sims Wiki's Discord server. These are mostly common sense and have been specially designed to be easy to remember and interpret while not being too byzantine or excessive. Server operators and moderators help to enforce these rules, but it is everybody's responsibility to follow them. If you have questions, just ask in #help!

1. Discussions

Keep discussions in all text and voice channels appropriate for a general audience. We permit controversial topics, criticism, rants, and roleplaying (in moderation; use #spammerland for unrestricted roleplaying). We do not permit racism, sexism, hate speech, personal attacks against other users, NSFW content, links to illegal content, or excessive advertising/spam. If you don't want your grandmother to see it, think twice before posting it.

2. Voice chat

Don't flood or disrupt voice channels through the transmission of intentionally loud, repetitive, random, or irritating noise or audio. Don't play music in the channels like a music bot or use the voice channels as a music radio station. Use push-to-talk if your microphone keeps transmitting "dead air" or high levels of background noise.

3. Behavior

Be civil, especially when people are discussing sensitive or controversial topics. Don't harass, exploit, insult, troll, or flame other users. When discussing these topics, try to comment on what people are saying rather than commenting on the person who is saying them. If things are getting heated, try taking a break from the discussion and going for a walk.

Don't impersonate other users, especially on-wiki users. If you are a registered user on The Sims Wiki, please see the Wiki users section below.

4. Invites

Be reasonable with your invite settings. Don't set invite links to last indefinitely unless you have a good reason to do so. If you're inviting just a few people, set your invite links to expire after a few days. Unused invites may be deleted. We prefer that you use this link to invite users instead:

We're okay with invites to other servers, but please make sure they're relevant and don't spam them. For example, it's okay to link to a modding server if a modder is looking for a community to join, but it's not okay to spam that link over and over again.

5. Bots

You can use any talking bot in the server in any channel within reason, but please keep bot usage in moderation. If you want to play around with the bots, please use the #spammerland channel instead.

Only server operators are allowed to bring bots into the server. Don't bring bots in here that don't use the Discord Bot API. Don't run programs like auto-clickers on your account to automate things.

6. Role mentions

Please use the @Server operators and @Server moderators role mentions for use in emergencies relating to the server only, like a sudden influx of spam or an extremely disruptive user. Please use the @Wiki administrators and @Content moderators role mentions for use in emergencies relating to the wiki only, like a significant wave of vandalism that needs to be addressed immediately.

7. Wiki users

If you are a registered user on The Sims Wiki, please consider having your on-wiki identity linked to your Discord identity so that we can help prevent people from impersonating you. This is usually done by asking you to make an edit on-wiki and then being given the "Confirmed wiki user" role on the server. This is not a strict requirement, but we reserve the right to mute or remove users we believe are impersonating someone else. See #role-request for how to get your identity confirmed.

8. Spammerland

#spammerland is a place for you to freely use bot commands, post random nonsense, roleplay, or goof around. However, you may not use #spammerland to attack or flame other users maliciously, upload NSFW content, or engage in hate speech.

9. Inactivity

We reserve the right to remove users if they are inactive on the server for a long period of time.

User roles

The Sims Wiki Discord channel groups all users into roles. Roles grant different permissions; users with higher roles are granted a greater number of permissions. The decision to move any user from one role to another rests solely with the channel operators.

By default, users are not assigned any roles. These users may send messages to most public channels, but they cannot send TTS messages. They may upload files and embed links, but cannot use external emojis. They may connect to voice channels, but cannot speak in them. They may also add reactions to any messages.

Users should note that leaving a server automatically removes any roles granted to them; most of these roles are not automatically reassigned when the user rejoins.

Confirmed Wiki User

Confirmed Wiki Users (formerly known as "Confirmed users") are users who have had their on-wiki identity linked to their identity on Discord. To be confirmed, a user must contact a server moderator or an operator. The moderator/operator will ask them to edit The Sims Wiki:Discord confirmation with a random text that the moderator/operator will provide over direct messaging. Once the user's identity has been confirmed, they will be added to this user role. Confirmed wiki users have no additional abilities; the user role serves only as a marker for organizational purposes.

Users who leave the server will lose this user role, but will not lose their confirmation status provided that they use the same account to rejoin the server.

Trusted Users

Trusted Users are users who have been deemed by a moderator or an operator to be trustworthy enough not to cause disruption to the server. They may use external emojis if they have Discord Nitro. Trusted users may speak in voice channels using either push-to-talk or voice activity. They can also promote content in the #self-promotion channel, however they are not allowed to promote illegal or pirated content, accounts, and giveaways.

Server Moderator

Server Moderators are trusted users who have earned additional permissions and responsibilities on the server. These users are tasked with enforcing the server's rules, and have the power to remove users from specific channels (text or voice), suspend certain permissions, or remove users from the server entirely. They may also alert all users on the server by mentioning @everyone. Server moderators have their nicknames colored turquoise and are displayed separately from other users in the member list.

All server moderators can be contacted at once by typing @server moderators into the text chat window. This feature should only be used to contact moderators in the event of immediate disruption to the server.

Server Moderators are selected by other Moderators and Server Operators on an as-needed basis. Applications for Moderator permissions are currently not being accepted.

Server Operator

Server Operators manage the server. In addition to serving as Server Moderators, Server Operators can adjust any user's roles, change the permissions available to different user roles, create or delete channels, and make other broad, large-scale changes to the server. Server operators have their nicknames colored blue and are displayed separately from other users in the member list.

All server operators can be contacted at once by typing @server operators into the text chat window (note that server operators are also included in the server moderator group, so all messages to @server moderators will also go to all server operators). This feature should only be used to contact operators to discuss urgent matters relevant to the operation of the server.

Server Operators are selected by the server owner on an as-needed basis. Applications for Operator permissions are currently not being accepted.

Wiki Administrator

The Sims Wiki Administrators and Bureaucrats that are members of the Discord server are given the additional role of "Wiki Administrator". The Wiki Administrator role does not grant any additional permissions beyond that of the Trusted User role, and Wiki Administrators are not automatically made Server Moderators or Server Operators.

All wiki administrators on the server can be contacted at once by typing @wiki administrators into the text chat window. This feature should only be used to contact administrators relating to urgent on-wiki issues that require their attention.

All wiki administrators must also be in the "Confirmed Users" group. Wiki administrators who lose their administrator permissions on-wiki should be removed from this role.

Wiki administrators have their nicknames colored green and are displayed separately from other users in the member list. Note that wiki administrators who are also server moderators or operators will be shown as server moderators or operators. Their user roles, however, can still be seen by right-clicking on their name in the member list.

Content Moderators

Content moderators on The Sims Wiki are, like wiki administrators, given the additional "Content Moderator" role, which has the same permissions as the wiki administrator role. Like wiki administrators, content moderators are not automatically made Server Operators or Moderators.

All content moderators on the server can be contacted at once by typing @content moderators into the text chat window. This feature should only be used to contact content moderators relating to urgent on-wiki issues that require their attention.

All content moderators must also be in the "Confirmed Users" group. Content moderators who lose their moderator permissions on-wiki should be removed from this role.

Content moderators have their nicknames colored dark green and are displayed separately from other users in the member list. Note that content moderators who are also server moderators or operators will be shown as server moderators or operators. Their user roles, however, can still be seen by right-clicking on their name in the member list.


All bots on the server that have been approved by an operator are given this user role. They have most of the permissions granted to trusted users, but cannot send TTS messages or embed links. They are also displayed separately from other users, and their names are colored yellow. The permissions available to bots in a channel can be changed by a moderator or operator on a case-by-case basis.

Server Owner

The Server Owner has all permissions on the server and can make any changes to it. The server owner is typically the user who first created the server, although ownership can be transferred to anyone. Only one server owner can exist at a time, and servers must have at least one owner.

The current owner of The Sims Wiki's Discord server is k6ka.


The muted user role is a special user role that is used by a select few bots on the server with moderator capabilities, although it can also be granted manually by any human operator or moderator. Users with the muted role have their ability to speak in text and voice channels revoked and are unable to add reactions to messages. Mutes may be issued in place of kicks or bans at a moderator's discretion to stop disruptive behavior.

Nitro Booster

The Nitro Booster role is automatically granted to Discord Nitro users who have boosted the server. It does not grant any additional permissions, but as a thank you, boosters will be shown above all other users in the user list and be given a special role color. The role cannot be manually assigned or removed, and it is automatically removed if the user withdraws their boost or if their Nitro subscription expires.

Defunct roles


DJs were trusted users who had been given access to the music-playing features of PvPCraft—a bot on the server—and were able to control the music that plays, start and stop the music, and handle song requests. This role was only a marker that PvPCraft recognized and does not offer any additional permissions on the server. All moderators and server operators were already recognized by the bot and did not need this role. More information can be found by joining the #music_text channel on the server.

Following the closure of the Music voice channel on October 21, 2018, this role is considered defunct.

List of Operators and Moderators

The following is a list of all current server operators and moderators. Requests to receive moderator or operator roles and permissions are not currently accepted; new moderators or operators will be chosen by the existing operators and moderators on an as-needed basis.

User Role Name(s) commonly used on the server
ColinThePanda (talk) Server moderator Colin
C.Syde65 (talk) Server operator C.Syde
GAHSIcepick (talk) Server moderator Icepick
K6ka (talk) Server operator k6ka
LostInRiverview (talk) Server owner LostInRiverview, LiR
Sigmund Fraud (talk) Server moderator Atlas Hugged
TheMarmaliser (talk) Server moderator TheMarmaliser

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