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If you need help from an administrator, leave a message on the administrators' noticeboard.

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If you hold the copyright to an image or file and have not given The Sims Wiki permission to use the file, please see Wikia's Terms of Use, "Claims of Copyright Infringement" section.


Main article: The Sims Wiki:Report

See our Report page on how to report spam or vandalism.

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If you would like for your Sims website to becomes an affiliate of The Sims Wiki, please edit the affiliates talk page and add your request in the appropriate section. Do link to your affiliate page and to your banner/button.


You can contact our administrators individually on their talk pages. Click the link to see a list of our administrators. You can also look for an administrator on the IRC Channel. To contact the administrative team as a whole, see the administrators' noticeboard.


If you wish retain some form of privacy, a few administrators allow email being sent to them via Wikia. There is usually a link from their user- or talk page.


If you wish to contact Wikia and not The Sims Wiki, go to Community Central - Special:Contact.

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