Adopt-a-user is a feature on The Sims Wiki which is designed to help new and inexperienced users. Experienced users on TSW can "adopt" a user by mentoring them along the way as they learn about the wiki, its various features and aspects.

This program is best suited for inexperienced users who wish to be long term contributors. If you fancy being adopted then don't hesitate to message one of adopters, who will be more than happy to help. Please read the rules, regulations and tips before adding yourself to the list or requesting to be adopted.

For Adopters

  • You should try to help a user as much as possible.
  • Control yourself. Even if the adoptee has done something wrong countless times, you still have no right to insult them. Assume good faith, remain calm and avoid frustration or emotion.
  • Ideally the system should span for 3 months although an adoptee may request to be a mentee for longer. Please ensure that you are as active as possible.
  • If you do receive a request from a user wishing to be an adoptee but you are unable to fulfil that request, please forward the user to another adopter if possible.
  • You should try to check Category:Users/Wishes for adoption regularly to see if there are any users wishing to be adopted.
  • Anyone wishing to become an adopter should keep the following criteria in mind:
    • Must not currently be an adoptee.
    • Must not have received a block for disruptive behavior in the past three months.
    • Should have a reasonable amount of edits, although quality > quantity.
    • Should be knowledgeable with the wiki in general.

For Adoptees

  • Pick any user from this list you think look like good adopters and request to be adopted on their talk page. Alternatively you may add the userbox {{User adoptme}} to your userpage.
  • Make sure you listen to what the adopter says; you will be monitored on progress and cooperation.
  • Don't hesitate to ask your adopter for help/guidance where needed - they are here to help after all.
  • If you have an issue with your adopter's conduct, please try to take it up with them first. If that fails then please contact a bureaucrat. You may search for bureaucrats via Special:Listusers/bureaucrat or on this page where users are labelled as "Bureaucrat".
  • Make sure you're reasonably active.


Adopter Active Accepting adoptees? Admin? Description Notes
Lost Labyrinth I'm here most days - best time to catch me is in the evening, UK time. Yep - no fixed maximum number (yet) Yes, bureaucrat too :P I'm fluent with making templates, making signatures, CSS, JS, formatting, helping with bot tasks, images, assisting with counter-vandalism and pretty much most things. :P I'm also good with IRC and the on-wiki chat and can help users get adjusted to the features, technical stuff etc. I'm here most days so I'll be willing to help where possible. Feel free to drop me a message or PM me in Chat/IRC and we'll talk.
Woganhemlock Yes, easiest to find me from 5-8UTC, although I'm usually online considerably earlier (i.e. 22:00UTC) on weekends. Indeed - no limits for now Yes, also a walrus. I'm pretty good with .css, however I couldn't write .js to save my life. I've got a bit of experience with designing pages, and with the MediaWiki software, as well as running AutoWikiBrowser, and I'm alright with IRC/Chat as well. Drop me a line on my talkpage, or find me on IRC.
Bakerychaz I'm on TSW every day, usually on at any time (New Zealand time). Yes - 3 adoptees is probably my limit. Yep I haven't been here long, but I am good with userboxes, templates and things like that. I'm best with helping with the basics of the wiki, such as getting familiar with editing, and using bold and italics correctly. Leave me a message on my talk page or talk to me on Chat. Unfortunately I'm not on IRC.
Blue12porcupine I am on most days in the evening in weekdays, in weekends I am normally free Yes - No maximum, yet No, but I am a rollback I am ok at most coding on this wiki. I can create userboxes, recolour pages, make cool signatures ect. I am good at the basic stuff and can help with starting off. I am normally on chat and sometimes on IRC. Feel free to leave me a message on my talk page, I will try and reply quick as possible.
Beds I am on TSW every day, you can find me online during UK time! Yes - 4 is my limit. Yuppers. I've not been here long, but I am quite advanced on editing. I'm good with userboxes, templates and page setups. I'm good with .css but not very good with .js. I'm always on Chat whenever I'm online, I am also on IRC whenever I'm online, so yeah.


The Sims Wiki has some userboxes related to this feature which users may place on their userpages to show their status.

For Adoptees

Code Result
{{User adopted|<Example>}}
Adopted -Sim-.png This user was adopted by Example!
{{User adoptme}}
Adopted -Sim-.png This user wishes to be adopted!
{{User adoptedgrad}}
Adopted -Sim-.png This user has graduated from the adoption program!

For Adopters

Code Result
{{User adopter|<Example>}}
Adopted -Sim-.png This user has adopted Example!
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