The Sims Wiki on other sites. This is for administrative purposes only.

List of sitesEdit

Google groups ProfileLoginUsed for sharing passwords for all sites.Current owner: Duskey. This is purely cosmetic.
Gmail -LoginUsed only for affiliates and site subscriptions.Alternate email and secret answer is held by Duskey.
Twitter ProfileLoginUsed for off-site announcements of news. Main pageLoginUsed to shorten URL's to the wiki for posting on Twitter
Facebook PageLogin Administrators: a morris and BobNewbie.
DMS2C PageLoginA "top site" where you get higher the more people click your link


Help pages

Google groupsEdit

Passwords are available in the google group (requires a google account and an invitation). Only bureaucrats (managers) can invite people to the google group and only sysops (members) with a valid reason for being invited should be invited. Request invitation below.

User access level comparisons
The Sims WikiGoogle GroupsUnique rights
-OwnerCan promote people to Manager.
BureaucratsManagersCan invite people to the group.
SysopsMembersCan see the group.

Requests for inviteEdit

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