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This page is primarily for administrators since it contains links to tools which non-administrators do not have access to. If you wish to contact The Sims Wiki, please see our Contact article. If you wish to contact an administrator personally, please see our list of administrators.
Welcome to the Admin Portal!

Welcome to The Sims Wiki! The Administrator Portal is where sysops and bureaucrats come to get an overview of admin tools and resources.

The talk page is where admins can request help from other admins if they need help to settle a dispute or is unsure how to proceed with an issue. It is also used to discuss matters where non-administrators might have no real say, though these discussions are rare and should be kept to a minimum.

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Warnings & Blocks

Block and unblock a user.

Copy and paste.

|reason     = 
|duration   = 
|sig        = ~~~
|expiration =
|policy     =
|link       =
|additional =

User warning templates · Tempblock · Blocked-talk

Always remember to Assume good faith.

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