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Welcome to The Sims Wiki

The Sims Wiki (abbreviated TSW) is a wiki about The Sims series. We are working to build a comprehensive and collaborative encyclopedia that thoroughly documents all the games within The Sims series. The wiki can be edited by anyone, and we are always looking for new volunteers to help build our database and grow our community of editors and fans of the series.


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The Sims Wiki was founded on February 6, 2005, five years after the release of The Sims and a month before the release of The Sims 2: University. The wiki grew over time, gathering information about the games that had been released up to that point. Growth increased after the release of The Sims 3 in 2009, and with the debut of the Game Guide (formerly Tutorial) namespace in 2011. Despite having thousands of articles about the games and everything in them, the work of expanding and improving the wiki is never over.

The Sims Wiki has a dedicated area for fan-created stories and Sims, called the Fanon Namespace. The creation of this namespace was the result of many discussions over a two year period, ending in the creation of the Fanon Namespace in 2011. Today, there are thousands of fanon articles written by hundreds of individual authors, with a wide range of subjects and stories.

Useful information

  • The Sims Wiki is part of the Fandom network of wikis. This relationship with Fandom allows us to spend less time working on technical behind-the-scenes work, and instead allows us to focus our efforts on improving the encyclopedia.
  • The overwhelming majority of our articles can be edited by anyone whether they register an account or not. However, we encourage editors to create a free account on the Fandom network. Accounts provide many benefits, including IP address anonymity, the ability to create fanon pages, and the potential to become engaged in the wiki community and attain special rights and privileges.
  • The Sims Wiki has a collection of Policies which govern behavior and content on the wiki. In addition, we have several Guidelines and a Manual of Style that are useful as resources to all aspiring editors.
  • The Sims Wiki, at, has an official language of English. Our Language Portal has been set up to provide links to other Sims-related wikis in several other languages. Each of those wikis have their own communities of editors, their own designs and their own rules.
  • The Sims Wiki has contributors from all around the world, in many different time zones. As a result, all times and dates on the wiki (unless otherwise stated) are given in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC); UTC is typically the same as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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