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The Sims Spark'd is a game show based on The Sims 4, which premiered on July 17, 2020 on TBS and on July 20, 2020 on BuzzFeed Multiplayer.[1] The first season ran for four episodes.[2]

Contestants compete in various challenges, based in Create a Sim, build mode and live mode, with a grand prize of $100,000. There are also in-game challenges for players to participate in during the show's run, with a chance for the winners to be selected as contestants for a potential second season. [3]

Official description[edit | edit source]

Redefine reality competitions with The Sims™ Spark’d, a new show where the only limit to what contestants can create is their imagination! Don’t miss the episode 1 premiere for United States viewers on TBS on July 17.

For decades, diverse storytellers have been telling millions of stories in The Sims, inspired by their own lives and limitless creativity. Now, the competition is underway as twelve Simmers take on timed creativity challenges to build characters, worlds, and stories in the hopes of impressing the judges—and winning the $100,000 prize.[4]

Cast[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

The host for this season is Rayvon Owen (a singer and former contestant on American Idol), and the judges are Dave Miotke (a.k.a SimGuruNinja, the lead producer of The Sims 4), Kelsey Impicciche (a BuzzFeed producer), and Tayla Parx (a singer, songwriter, and voice actress on The Sims 4).

The teams were decided on in the first episode, with all of the contestants being Sims-players with an online following of some sort. Each team consists of a Stylist, a Builder and a Storyteller. [5] 

Team Role Contestant Status
Team Gnome Stylist Plumbella Eliminated in episode 2
Builder Simproved
Storyteller The English Simmer
Team Cowplant Stylist Little Siha Runners-up
Builder Doctor Ashley
Storyteller Steph0sims (later replaced by The English Simmer)[6]
Team Freezerbunny Stylist XUrbanSimsX Eliminated in episode 1
Builder SpringSims
Storyteller DeeSims
Team Llama Stylist xMiraMira Winners
Builder SimLicy
Storyteller DrGluon

In-game challenges[edit | edit source]

Each challenge consists of three categories for players to enter, Stylist, Builder and Storyteller. Players can enter any category as many times as they like.[7]

  • In the Stylist category, players must create a household and upload it to the Gallery.
  • In the Builder category, players must create a lot and likewise upload it to the Gallery.
  • In the Storyteller category, players must create a short video (at a maximum of three minutes long) and upload it to YouTube.

Themes[edit | edit source]

Image Name Description Submission dates Voting deadline
The Sims Spark'd Destination Wedding theme.png Destination Wedding Staying home and safe shouldn't stop you from having your dream Destination Wedding. Explore the endless possibilities to create and share your perfect day. Come live out your dream. July 17, 2020 – August 2, 2020 August 9, 2020
The Sims Spark'd Golden Age theme.png Golden Age All that glitters is gold. That's how the saying goes, right? Explore the endless possibilities of living life to the fullest. September 2, 2020 – September 21, 2020 September 25, 2020
The Sims Spark'd Creature Creation theme.png Creature Creation Unleash a whole new world full of mystery, mischief, and maybe a little mayhem. Let's make some magic. October 16, 2020 – November 2, 2020 November 6, 2020
The Sims Spark'd Holiday Magic theme.png Holiday Magic Portray what happens when Sims living in a magical snow globe are taken for a swirl. Share your Holiday Magic story! November 23, 2020 – December 11, 2020 December 14, 2020

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