This section shows features added in each update in The Sims FreePlay.

If a line has an * on it, it means that feature is only available in that update.

Valentine's DayEdit

  • New Valentine's Day items (such as Love Tub and Love Bed)
  • New Scientist career at Science Lab (see Science)

Marriage and BabiesEdit

  • Marriage and Babies
  • New Musician career
  • Can now remove a Sim and their house from the game
  • Can now cancel an action


  • New pet (rabbit)
  • New wallpaper*
  • New items and clothing*
  • New Makeup
  • New Furniture


  • Toddlers
  • New Children's store added to the town map
  • New items for dogs (frisbees, water and food bowls, toys, dog houses)
  • Dress Up chest and Wedding Wear added to the online store


  • New social objects
  • New toddler items (toddler beds, dollhouses, tea sets, slot cars, and more)
  • New Nightclub and Party Boat added to the town map
  • New pets (cats) and objects for cats
  • Neighbors
  • New Leaderboard (in Party Boat)
  • Take a photo in-game and post it to Twitter and Facebook
  • Fish tanks added to the online store


  • The Salon added to the town map (pre-built)
  • New house templates (Japanese Retreat, Designer House, Pro Skater's Dream)
  • Katy-Perry themed style pack added to the online store
  • Premium Home Pack added to the home store


  • Grow your Toddlers into Pre-teens
  • The Sports Center added to the town map
  • Sim Town Elementary added to the town map
  • Hobbies - Pre-teens can have hobbies (Karate, Ballet)
  • New Teacher career
  • New preteen items
  • Game Center support for iOS


  • New Ghost Hunter hobby (limited time reward - Haunted House)
  • Haunted items added
  • Costume Shop added to the town map
  • Competition Center added to the town map
  • Sim-Eating Plants and Cooking Fires (now some recipes and plants will catch fire or become sim-eating plants)
  • New cat (Anchovy from Bejeweled Blitz)
  • More achievements added to the Game Center


  • New hobbies (Fishing and Fashion Designing)
  • New objects and clothes
  • 12 Days Of Christmas quest (daily reward items disappear after December) *
  • iPhone 5 support


  • Swimming Center added to the town map
  • Reach level 13 to build your own pool
  • Swimsuit and Dolphin bundles available for purchase from the Online Store
  • New outdoor furniture and plants
  • New name for Costume Shop (The Fashion and Fancy Dress Shop)
  • New diving hobby
  • Sims maximum increased from 21 to 23 Sims
  • Herbicide table, pesticides, and fire extinguishers removed from the game and the "Negotiate" option reduced to 3 minutes.

Livin' LargeEdit

  • Beachside lots that are twice as big as standard ones
  • Seven more Sims (34 total)
  • Movie Studio and Real Estate Agency added to the town map
  • New houses templates (Neo Tokyo theme, Beachside Escape and Dream Home Contest Winner)
  • New Designer Countertops for kitchen
  • New careers: Actor and Real Estate Agent
  • Automatic vomit and pee cleaner
  • Level up faster from level 30 upwards all the way up to level 52

Moving UpEdit

  • The Sports Center renamed to The Community Center
  • Add second and third floor to houses and buildings
  • Fire poles, elevators and escalators
  • New woodworking hobby
  • New Home Store items: lounges, dining tables, bathroom sinks, windows and doors
  • Limited time Construction-O Coins (CC)*
  • Adidas male and female pack in the Online Store
  • Limited edition ( teleporter ) multi story

Climate ControlEdit

  • Weather Machine
  • Snow Park added to the town map
  • New Figure Skating hobby
  • New Home Store items: weather machine, lights, fans, heaters
  • New warm clothes for Sims: beanies, winter coats, ear muffs
  • Ice Hockey Set (Limited edition)
  • SimTracker displayed when you start the game.


  • The start-up screen now also shows Firemonkeys logo (used to be only EA logo)*
  • Redesigned Party Boat
  • Visit neighbors' town, houses and buildings
  • Complete Social goals to earn Social Points
  • New Scandinavian House (worth 450 SP)
  • All-new furniture and items, new colors released each week for 4 weeks
  • NBR section of the Home Store no longer available
  • Social items no longer require neighbors, can be paid with SP
  • ‘Another Simtown’ on Party Boat for players without neighbors
  • Status bar displays Social Points instead of NBR
  • New globe button at the bottom of the screen redirects you to the Party Boat
  • Cloud saves now also support Game Center (iOS only) if you do not have a Facebook account
  • Your save data will now be uploaded to the Cloud automatically every time you access the Party Boat
  • Transfer your Cloud save data between Android, iOS and Amazon devices
  • Two goals are always displayed on the screen (regular and social)
  • Sim's needs and goals are smaller size
  • Changed Account Manager helps keep all of your accounts logged in

Mystery IslandEdit

  • Mystery Island and Bridge added to the town map
  • 4 new Premium House Lots on Mystery Island
  • 4 Houseboat Lots on Mystery Island
  • Simoleons Sprout and Lifestyle Points Lotus
  • Firemonkeys logo is no longer shown at the start of the game
  • Town button on the bottom now has two options: Sim Town and Mystery Island
  • New Home Store items
  • When taking a screenshot, the lines above Sims' heads are gone
  • Limited-time Treasure Chest
  • Collect resources to upgrade island monuments (maximum to Level 70)
Ancient Monuments
  • The Riches Of Terra - Gives your Sims a chance to gain bonus Simoleons after doing Simoleons generating actions, such as gardening, baking, and working!
  • The Tempest Of Bliss - Decreases a rate at which your Sims' motives drain
  • The Flames Of Wisdom - Gives your Sims a change to gain bonus XP after doing XP generating actions, such as using objects, gardening, baking, and working!
  • The Springs Of Fortune - Increases chance of getting XP and Simoleons bonuses from 'The Riches Of Terra' and 'Flames Of Wisdom'
  • Island Volcano - Upgrade all four Monuments to Level 25 to watch the Volcano burst into life, exposing untold riches!


  • New quest system introduced - new players will have a series of quests to unlock items and abilities that used to be available to all players. Previous limited time items return as limited time rewards for these quests.
  • Age your Preteens into Teens by completing the Coming of Age quest at Level 18 and higher.
  • Higher Education quest at Level 24 and higher unlocks Sim Town High in the Town Map
  • Teens can become a Teen Idol by completing Road to Fame quest
  • Build a Sim Town Sign to unlock Teen Idol Mansion
  • Use a telephone to adopt Toddlers, Preteens or Teens (costs real money)
  • New Home Store items for Teens
  • Earn Keys and win prizes at Mystery Box Shop with weekly quests (instead of regular tasks)
  • School for Preteens is redesigned
  • Relationships between siblings
  • Personalities removed from the Create-A-Sim menu
  • Great Ghost Escape event*

Holiday 2013Edit

  • Thanksgiving Day quest (unlocks Pilgrim Hats, Turkey Hats, and Turkey Beanbag chair)*
  • Christmas presents delivered by the mailbox featuring limited time items (rewards from 12 Days of Christmas quest)*
  • The Missing Xmas Elves quest (daily rewards with Pet Reindeer as the main reward)*
  • Limited time location: Santa's Workshop
  • New Year's Eve 10...9...8... Quest (unlocks Fireworks Pack)*

All Grown UpEdit

  • Adulthood, Seniors, In Stitches, Bird Feeding quests
  • Sims can grow from Babies to Seniors
  • New hobbies for seniors (Quilting and Bird Feeding)
  • New Home Store items
  • Bingo Hall added to the town map (Mystery Island)
  • Premium Residence is renamed to Ocean View Residence
  • New house templates (Renovator's Dream, Two Story/Three Story Unfurnished House)
  • New houseboats (The Tiny Tightpocket and The Pint-prized Prince)
  • Economy houseboat is renamed to The Cavernous Cruiser, Premium is now The Royal Wavecutter
  • All items show how much stars they are worth
  • SimTracker shows each Sim's life stage
  • In the park pier, there's now a stereo
  • New Task Available now shows at the left bottom of the screen instead of current goals
  • Add one more Sim (32 total)

Life DreamsEdit

  • Life Dreams & Legacies quest
  • Sims age naturally as you play with them (after completing the Life Dreams & Legacies quest at level 26)
  • Fulfill Sims' Life Dreams and earn Life Orbs
  • Personalities return (Sporty and Geek)
  • Age Controller
  • At the final stage, Seniors face death
  • Sim Tracker displays a circle around Sims showing how much of the phase in their life is completed
  • Beach and Ice Ape Arcade added to the town map (Mystery Island)
  • New hobbies: Snorkeling, Seashell Collecting, Arcade Gamer, Skill Tester, Pinball Wizard
  • Redesigned residence previews

Saddle UpEdit

  • Need For Steed, and Hidden Unicorn quest
  • Stables added to the town map (Mystery Island)
  • New animals (Horses)
  • New hobbies: Show Jumping, Show Tricks, Vaulting and Surfing
  • New Swimming Area at the beach
  • Maximum level increased to Level 55
  • New life dream stages - Sims can only complete a certain percent of their life dream during each age group
  • Now only Seniors can complete a life dream and complete an orb


  • Carnival added to the town map (Mystery Island)
  • New In Da Clubhouse quest
  • New hobbies: Juggling. High Striker, Toddler Playhouse
  • New personality: Entertainer
  • Redesigned Hobbies section by age

Let's Eat!Edit

  • Bread Winner and Sous Judgmental quests
  • Restaurant added to the town map
  • New hobby: Cooking
  • By tapping on an oven, you can choose between Cooking and Baking
  • Ultimate Makeover (by tapping on a Sim) completely revamps an existing Sim
  • A gift icon is now shown next to the weekly tasks
  • A task won't disappear from the screen until you Tap to Continue

Pet Paradise (Sept 2014) Edit

  • New Barkshire Pet Park added to the town map (Mystery Island)
  • New hobbies: Dog Obedience, Dog Agility, Cat Show
  • Names under items in the Home Store.
  • Pet Salon added to the town map - has collars for cats and dogs
  • The Pirate and His Goddess quest added (Oct. 1st)
  • New Pirate Ship for trading resources, SPs, and simoleons for gems needed to upgrade the new Ancient Goddess monument.

Witches & Wizards (October 2014)Edit

  • A new store (Sorcerous Supplies) added to the town map next to the Snow Park.
  • New quest The Book of Spells
  • Two new hobbies - Spell Casting (unlocked after completing The Book of Spells) and Broomstick Flying (unlocked on Oct. 31st and after completing Spell Casting collection once.)
  • New pets - Imperial Barn Owl(limited time reward for Spell Casting hobby) and Dragons (limited reward for The Book of Spells quest).
  • New wizard themed items and outfit
  • Thanksgiving quest for Android users (unlocks pet turkey)*


  • iOS exclusive update
  • (POINTS)RED replace Social Points for two weeks*
  • Buying (POINTS)RED from the online store donates money to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria*
  • New The (RED) Flowers of Sim Town quest (unlocks the All-Hands Monument)*
  • The (PRODUCT)RED™ Community Challenge - when everyone uses (POINTS)RED the whole iOS community gets closer to unlocking limited edition (PRODUCT)RED™ décor, clothing, and items for the whole community!*
  • Grow (RED)Flowers*
  • Thanksgiving quest for iOS users*

Holiday 2014Edit

  • Daily Christmas presents*
  • The Great Xmas Mishap Quest - starts December 14 (unlocks Living Teddy)*
  • Return to Santa's workshop in the North Pole*
  • Christmas outfits for sims, antlers and Santa hats for pets
  • Resolution Solution Quest - starts December 28 (unlocks the Party Pack)*
  • New quest A Dance to Remember
  • New hobbies - Salsa Dancing (unlocked after completing A Dance to Remember) and Break Dancing (unlocked after completing Salsa Dancing collection once.)


  • New building added to the town map (Sunset Mall)
  • New quest Sunset Mall quest
  • Two new hobbies - Modeling and Bowling
  • Over 500 new clothes for all ages
  • Lunar New Year quest - starts February 14*
  • Rainbow Rider event - starts February 21*
  • Long Hair Event (Ringlets of Fire) event*


  • New building added to the town map (Northern Glade Castle)
  • New quest Royal Lineage
  • New pets, fairies (limited time reward for the Royal Lineage quest)
  • New hobbies - Archery and Jester
  • Added second floor (castle throne room)
  • New clothes - crowns, flowing gowns, and commanding royal attire
  • Phillips sonicare toothbrush & vanity - starts march 16*
  • Sleepwear event - starts April 10*

Dream HomesEdit

  • Three new quests DIY Homes: Peaceful Patio, DIY Homes: Lovey-Dovey Balcony, and DIY Homes: Basement of Kings
  • All new items in the home store
  • Can now build hallways, create smaller rooms, place doors and windows next to each other and walls, and build 5 floors
  • Figure skating event - starts June 5*

Great OutdoorsEdit

  • Deer Spring Falls Campground added to the town map
  • New Vacationer's Guide to the Outdoors quest
  • New hobbies - Storyteller and Survivalist
  • Boutique hair event - starts July 20*

Baby StepsEdit

  • New quests Super Toddler Secret Mission, Nanny Knows Best
  • New hobbies - Musical Expression and Toddler Finger Painting
  • More interactions with babies
  • Babies are redesigned and now have smaller heads.
  • Home store sale items 3 balloons ( only available 5 days )

Glitz and GlamEdit

  • New quest Pretty Little Planters
  • New hobbies - Makeup Artist and Fashion Hunter
  • Over 600 new clothes and makeup
  • Second floor added to the Sunset Mall
  • Designer rugs event - starts September 15*
  • Outdoors event - starts October 10*

Monsters and Magic Edit

  • New quests Night of the Candy Monsters, Saved by the Spell
  • New Halloween costumes
  • Wizard's Cottage - practice spell casting and make potions
  • Wizard Costumes
  • More items in the Sorcerous Supplies Store
  • Sleepwear event - starts November 20*

Holiday 2015 Edit

  • New quests Christmas Chill, Secret Winter Wonderland, Styles of Time, puppy odyssey
  • New Winter Clothing
  • Ice Palace and Ice Queen
  • New build objects - frosty funitures
  • New logo based on The Sims 4
  • Online store sale items living teddy bear ( only available 12 days )
  • new hobbies - puppy and kitten
  • Puppy & Kitten hobbies ( unlock 50 designer rugs 5×2 )
  • Animal onesie event - starts January 19*
  • Boutique hair event - starts January 26*

Tropical Island Edit

  • New Community Event - Tropical Romance Island Event.
  • Sea Voyage Boat added to the town map
  • Collect fruits and constructor coins to unlock everything in the Island
  • Added a progress bar showing everything you've unlocked in the community event*
  • Returning event - Sleepwear Event*

Chocolate Egg Chase Edit

  • New quest Chocolate Egg Chase
  • New Easter decorations, wallpapers and floors*
  • New outfits - pajamas and bunny onesies
  • Chocolatier Special Event - starts March 27*
  • New hobby - Chocolatier
  • Returning quest - Styles of Time*

Sim Town Health Spa (May 3, 2016) Edit

  • New community event - Sim Town Health Spa
  • Collect gems and constructor coins to unlock the spa furnitures and The Spa Template
  • Gem deposits ( Available for decorations after the community event )
  • Added a progress bar showing everything you've unlocked in the community event*
  • New spa clothing
  • Returning Events - Boutique Hair Event, Animal onesie and Urban Furniture*

Sim Town Police (June 14, 2016) Edit

  • New building added to the town map (Police Station)
  • Changed all of the icons of the careers
  • Replaced the meter bar with a time in the Simtracker when you send a sim to work
  • New career - Police officer
  • You can now interact with your sims while their on work
  • Returning Events - Long Hair Event and Outdoor Event*

Movie Star (July 26, 2016) Edit

  • Changed the actor career to movie star career
  • Split the movie star career into 2 profession career
  • Increased the level of movie star career
  • You can send your sim to work off-site
  • Make the Movie Studio, interactable
  • Returning Events - Urban Furniture, Sleepwear Event and Cholatier Event*

Doctor, Doctor (September 6, 2016) Edit

  • New Area: Downtown
  • New Buildings added to the town map - SimTown Express and Hospital
  • New Profession career - Medical Staff
  • New Quest - SinTown Express Quest
  • Returning Events - Boutique Hair Event and Baby Onesie Event
  • Changed the price of the Social Point Flower from 5LP to 20LP
  • Changed the music in the salon and CAS menu

Halloween 2016 (October 18, 2016) Edit

  • New Events:
    • Simtown Market Events:
      • Movie Studio Event
      • Infant Overalls Event
      • Police Station Event
      • Sleeping Bag Pack Event
    • Country Homestead Furniture Event
  • All icons now have a subhead icon for everyone to know what the lot does.
  • Finishing an objective tab is now changed.
  • Quests in Queue tab is now located on the top of the Quest selection.
  • Collecting revenues' sound is now changed.
  • New free clothes
  • Returning Quest - Night of the Candy Monsters*
  • Returning Community Event - Sim Town Health Spa*
  • Returning Event - Long Hair Event

Holiday 2016 (December 6, 2016) Edit

  • New Community Event: The Prince and the Pocket Princess*
  • New Hobbies: Aerobics and Ice Sculpture
  • New Events:
    • The Charming Barber
    • Simtown Market Events:
      •  ???
      • Pop-Up Book Event
    • Ice Sculpture Special Event
  • New Quest: The Grooving Guru
  • New Building added to the town map - Health Hub
  • A gift can be found on any house lot to celebrate the 5th anniversary of The Sims Freeplay.

French Romance (January 31, 2017) Edit

  • New Live Event: French Romance*
    • New French-style furniture
    • New home lot: French Chateau
  • New Events:
    • Simtown Market Events:
      • Movie Studio Special Event
      • Chef's Outfits Event
      • Picnic Basket Pack EVent
    • Chocolate Lover's Carnival
  • Returning Event: Country Homestead Event
  • Returning Community Event: Tropical Romance Island*

Day Care (April 4, 2017) Edit

  • New Live Event: Day Care*
    • New house template: Toddler Playground
    • New Toddler and Infant items
  • New Event: Aerobics Hobby Event

Dance Party (April 28, 2017) Edit

  • Complete the Party Time Live Event to unlock the ultimate Sim Town Party House
  • Set the scene with a smoke machine, DJ deck, photo booth, loveseats, and more
  • Light up the night with animated dancefloors, strobe lights, disco balls, and the smoothest dance moves, including partner dances
  • Teen Life (bunk beds, new furnitures for teens etc.) and Prom Hobby Events (prom outfits)

Penthouses (June 6, 2017) Edit

  • Sims and the City discovery quest (unlocks penthouses, if you complete quest within 7 days, you´ll get celebrity outfits)
  • Added 3 penthouse lots in downtown (There are 3 premade penthouses, but you can build your own)
  • Custom Closets event (new closets, makeup tables, etc.)
  • Love is Blinds (curtains, you can now open and close them)

Pregnancy Update (July 19, 2018)Edit

  • New Maternity Store
  • New baby features
  • Full three trimesters
  • 2 types of pregnancy
  • Bump-y Ride Quest
  • Long-Hair Event
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