This section shows Game Center Achievements and how to get them in The Sims FreePlay.

Achievement Name How to get
Lucky Dog Have a dog find a lifestyle point.
10 Goals Down Complete 10 goals.
Onward and Upward! Have a town valued at 15,000 simoleons.
First Date Have one of your Sims start dating.
Penny Pincher Save 10,000 simoleons.
Hello, Newman Have a Sim become nemeses with another Sim.
The Diet Ends Here Bake 5 chocolate puddings
Popcorn, Anyone? Watch 8 movies.
Barking Mad Purchase 3 dogs.
We Need More Taxes! Oh wait... Build the Town Hall.
One Mean Sim Have a Sim become enemies with 8 other Sims.
Wedding Bells Have two Sims get married.
Baby Boomers Have 3 babies.
I Love You Guys! Have a Sim with 10 best friends.
Lucky Cats Have cats find 7 lifestyle points.
Sweet Tooth Use 8 cupcakes.
Deep Pockets Save 50,000 simoleons.
Goal-O-Rama Complete 50 goals.
Stinky Diapers! Have Sims change 12 baby diapers.
Sims by the Dozen Add a 12th Sim to town.
100 Miles Have your Sims travel a distance of 100 miles in their cars.
Going the Distance Reach level 22.
Moneygrubber! Save 100,000 Simoleons.
Where's My Girdle? Bake 35 Apple Pies.
Life of Excess Purchase the Pro Skater's Dream Pad.
KA-BOOM! Get 5 Sims promoted to Mad Scientist at the Lab.
Going for Speed Reach level 34.
Dr. Evil! Have a town valued at 1,000,000 simoleons.
Goal Crazy! Complete 100 goals.
MUAH HAHAHA! Save 1,000,000 simoleons.
Goal Mayhem! Complete 250 goals.
Top of the Class! Have 3 preteen Sims with a grade average of A+++.
Cats and Dogs Unite! Have your cats and dogs find 20 lifestyle points.
YOU Caused the GFC Save 10,000,000 Simoleons.
Sim Town 90210 Have your town valued at 12,000,000 simoleons.
Nemesis of the State Have 1 Sim be nemeses with 16 Sims.
Proclaimer! Have your Sims travel a distance of 500 miles in their cars.
500 GOALS! Complete 500 goals.
City of Gold Have a town worth 30,000,000 simoleons.
1000 GOALS! Complete 1000 goals.
Wax On... Have a Sim with a Blue Belt in Karate.
Wax Off... Have a Sim with a Black Belt in Karate.
Sim For A Spin! Have a Sim an Intermediate Ballet Dancer.
Pro Dancer Have a pre-teen Sim a Professional Ballet Dancer.
G...G...Ghost! Catch 4 Ghosts.
Ghost Hunter Catch all 12 Ghost types.
Safety First! Put out an oven fire with a fire extinguisher.
You're On Fire! Put out 23 oven fires with fire extinguishers.
Sim Negotiator Have your Sims negotiate with 3 Man-Eating Plants.
Bad Herbs! Use Herbicide to destroy 25 Man-Eating Plants.