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The Sims FreePlay is a free-to-play iOS, Android and Windows Phone game from Firemonkeys Studios. It was released worldwide on December 15, 2011 for iOS[6] and February 15, 2012 for Android.[7] An Amazon Kindle Fire version was released on September 27, 2012[8] and a Windows Phone 8 version was released on September 14, 2013.[9] It is the first Sims game released on the iPad. It differs from the regular Sims game in that it uses regular time. For example, in a normal The Sims PC game, 1 hour of game time is one minute. However, in FreePlay, 1 hour really is one hour. On July 21, 2014, Firemonkeys Studios announced there will be no further updates on the Windows Phone 8.[10]


The Sims FreePlay is a version of the beloved life Sim that combines the features you love with a brand new experience for your iOS/Android/Blackberry 10/Windows Phone/Kindle device that you can play for free! Build and personalize your own town and control up to 34 Sims by choosing their jobs, pets, cars and more in the deepest Sims experience for mobile devices yet.

Complete actions to level up and earn Simoleons and Lifestyle Points for access to new items, decorations, and buildings. Your Sims live in a persistent world so take them with you and check in anytime to see what they're doing. Continual game updates and social features like visiting your friend's towns and comparing them with the leaderboard means you'll have a great new experience every time![11][12]


In The Sims FreePlay players start with an empty neighborhood. Players must create Sims and move them in. Unlike the PC versions, any Sim can be controlled at any time without a need to switch households. Their lots can be changed by adding objects. About every minute, players can collect Simoleons from each household and workplace. Each Sim has an objective to do, which functions similarly to Lifetime Wants or Lifetime Wishes. The game features an XP progression system, which increases after completing tasks. Increasing the value of the neighborhood awards players LP. Sims can socialize with other Sims and make friends or loving relationships like in the mainline Sims games.

Time progression is in real time, meaning that one minute in the real world is one minute in The Sims FreePlay. Time continues to progress even when the app is closed so that a player does not have to wait in game for an interaction to be finished.

All Sims have 6 motives: Hunger, Bladder, Energy, Hygiene, Social, and Fun. It can be instantly filled by spending LP on a cupcake. Sims do not die in this game because of the real-time progression system should a player not play the game for several days or more. However a Sim can die at the end of their lifetime. Though if the player returns to the game, the motives of every Sim are depleted, and they will instantly have a bladder failure when selecting a household.


On November 23, 2011, IGN was first to report that the game is being released for iOS. The game was early released in the Singapore App Store on December 1, 2011, weeks before the official iOS release. The same day, official Facebook page for the game was created. Previews, sneak peeks and polls posted on the page lead to the launch trailer and the game was available worldwide in the App Store on December 15, 2011. Much anticipated game was released for Android players two months later. Soon after the Pre-Teen update, the game team revealed that the game is coming to Kindle Fire.

In December 2012, EA released the highlights from the first year, since the official launch of the game a year ago. An interview with producer was also released that time in honor of its first anniversary.

Changing time and date[]

Changing time and date settings may skip time-based actions. The "Time cheat" is very popular among players, however there are side effects players may experience:[13]

  • Buildings taking longer to complete
  • Sims and babies taking longer to arrive
  • Sims no longer attempting to go to work
  • No more daily rewards
  • The game crashes[confirmation needed]
  • Party Boat gifts and Competition Center competitions taking longer to arrive
  • No longer being able to access timed events and limited edition awards

Having incorrect time and date may also prevent players from having access to online features:

  • Cloud
  • Online store
  • Party boat, leaderboard, and gifts.
  • Collecting other things

The Sims Official Magazine[]

The game has been featured in all six issues of The Sims Official Magazine so far, a free magazine about The Sims in general that players can read online or as a universal app for iOS and Android.

FreePlayers' Choice Program[]

FreePlayers' Choice Program is a way for players to vote for their favorite items they would like to get discounted. Each offer lasts for a limited time. The voting is enabled on the game's official Facebook page.

1. 50% OFF on Engagement Rings

2. 80% OFF on Dress-Up Chest

3. 50% OFF on Swimwear

Updates and Added Features[]

Here is the history of features added in each update in The Sims FreePlay.

See also: The Sims FreePlay/Updates and Added Features


Here is the history of events in The Sims FreePlay.

See also: The Sims FreePlay/Events


The Sims FreePlay have many achievements that players can unlock.

See also: The Sims FreePlay/Game Center Achievements


The Sims FreePlay features a few different currencies that can be earned and used in many ways.

See also: The Sims FreePlay/Currency



  • The Sims FreePlay is the third game in The Sims series to require an Internet connection (the first is The Sims Online and the second being The Sims Social).[14]
  • The Sims FreePlay is the first game to receive an MA15+ for "strong crude humour" by the Australian Classification Board, which prevents minors under 15 years from getting the game without a parent or an adult guardian (all previous Sims games have been rated M or lower, which are advisory ratings).[15]
  • Originally, FreePlay used The Sims 3' logo[16][17] with the difference being that 3 next to The Sims was omitted and replaced with FreePlay, The Sims itself is also higher on the Plumbob compared to TS3. As of version 5.15.2 (Christmas 2015), FreePlay now uses The Sims 4's logo,[18] the difference also being that the 4 next to The Sims was replaced with FreePlay. The new logo also omits the string and hole next to FreePlay.
    • Another change is the Plumbob was changed to the one used in The Sims 4.[19]
  • FreePlay's Time feature originated from the DS version of The Sims 2.
  • FreePlay is the first game not to use the name Child for a life stage. Instead, the game's equivalent of children are called Pre-Teens. However, this does not make Child the first life stage in The Sims series to have its name changed, as Elders have been renamed Seniors.
  • FreePlay is the first The Sims game to support the iPad's fullscreen.
  • FreePlay is the first game to have more than 8 Sims being able to be controlled at the same time without having to change a household, although pets cannot be controlled.
  • FreePlay is the first game that has a changing icon.
  • FreePlay is updated every 6 weeks.
  • FreePlay uses sound effects and music from The Sims 3 PC. Also the designs of the Sims were used in the smartphone version of The Sims 3 as well.
  • There are lots of NPCs in Freeplay, players have control over every created Sim in the town. All Sims in the town are added by the players with the exception of Sims you help with quests. I.e. Osiris (a space alien), Bree, the park ranger, and others.
  • All workplaces (except the profession workplaces) and the school are rabbit holes.
  • Sicksim

    A Sim sick from shaking the device too many times

    FreePlay features pee puddles appearing when a Sim has bladder failure; this differs from the PC games, which only create a puddle of water. A pee-cleaning robot can be purchased for this. In addition, shaking the device may make a Sim vomit, which also remains in a puddle until cleaned, unlike the PC games.
  • Freeplaykiss

    An example of an older, stiffer animation borrowed from The Sims 3 (smartphone), and its newer replacement.

    FreePlay pulled many of its animations from The Sims 3 (smartphone). However, some have been modified since first being pulled, such as the kissing animation.
  • When the animation was first implemented, "WooHoo" took place standing, with the two adult Sims changing into their underwear and coming together under a mosaic-blur for five minutes. Eventually the animation was changed to take place in a bed instead like the PC games.
  • Darksecrethouse

    The house named "Dark Secret." Notice the blocked door and chamber in the back of the lot, as well as three Sim-sized flower patches.

    One house featured in FreePlay, which can be bought for 14 LP, is named "Dark Secret." It is a mostly black-and-white home that features a doorway hidden behind two closets that leads to a hallway and a small room with a chair, a table, and some chains. It is unknown what the lore behind this house is.

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