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The 133rd update for The Sims 4 was released on August 2nd, 2022. It updated the game to version 1.90.375.1020 for PC, version 1.90.375.1220 for macOS, and version 1.62 for console.

Patch notes[]

Hello Simmers!

We have a few additional fixes since our previous patch release. A big thank you to all you community members who helped us track down these issues and provided information through Answers HQ.

-The Sims Team

Bug Fixes[]

The Sims 4[]

  • Sims with a short or long Lifespan no longer become younger or age dramatically when leaving Create a Sim.
  • The “Ask to be Girlfriend/Boyfriend” Want now targets appropriate Sims.
  • Adult Sims no longer tag teens in flirtatious Social Bunny posts.
  • All available Sims now can be selected for travel even if they are currently not on the current lot.

Get Famous[]

  • Sims without Fame no longer occasionally appear to have it.

High School Years[]

  • Sims now can walk through the I Was a Teenage Garbage Artist pile of clutter.