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The 121st update for The Sims 4 was released on November 30, 2021. It updated the game to version for PC, version for macOS, and version 1.50 for console.

Patch notes[]

Hello Simmers!

Hope you are all well wherever you are in the World.

SimGuruFrost is already listening to Christmas music, I don’t know why, but I’m still holding off on playing it. I refuse as it is still NOVEMBER (I understand that with this update it is the last day of November, but it is still November, everyone… just saying). But regardless of how I feel about Christmas music being heard everywhere today and not later, the one thing I relish is the excitement that this season brings. It’s the season we get together with family, and cherish whatever time we have with our loved ones, even if only digitally.

We have an exciting update for you as we introduce Neighborhood Stories, some tech additions, and a few small but eventful things we managed to get into this update.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback and, remember, have fun!



What’s New?[]

Introducing Neighborhood Stories[]

As you heard in our latest Inside Maxis, we are introducing to the game the first phase of our latest feature, Neighborhood Stories.

This feature is about adding flavor (sabor!) and more life to Neighborhood Sims who live outside your active household. As noted in Nate’s Blog, today’s update will focus on Sims that are connected to your Households and have relationships of some kind with them. Be careful what you tell them!

To start, check out the new Socials in the Friendly and Mean categories. Your Sim can try to convince others to make certain life changes and, vice versa, your Sim’s friends can ask their opinion on pursuing life changes.Two (yes two!) new Aspirations complement the stories you will tell. Be the Neighborhood Confidante if you want all the chisme, I mean, if your Sims aspire to be a helpful and positive presence in the lives of Neighbor Sims. They will be able to earn a new Confidante reward trait, which increases the chance of conversations being pleasant and not at all awkward.

But if your Sims are a bit more… deviant, your Sims can aspire to be a Villainous Valentine who wants to destroy the love lives of all Sims, including their own. What can I say, we love chaos over here. Sims that walk this deviant path will earn the new Twisted Heart trait, which makes all Sad and Embarrassed moodlets decay faster and provides a little bonus social when performing Mean or Mischief socials. They will be heartbreakers, dream breakers, and love takers!

For more detailed information on Neighborhood Stories, check out Nate’s blog. Read it here.

Logitech G LIGHTSYNC[]

If you use Logitech G LIGHTSYNC-enabled Mice, Keyboards, or Headsets on Windows PC, you can now experience The Sims 4 in an even more immersive experience. You can enable and disable The Sims 4 lighting scheme in-game by going to Game Options > Other and toggle the Enable Keyboard Dynamic Lighting option.

Peripherals with Logitech G LIGHTSYNC technology support these effects:

  • During Loading and while on the Main Menu, your peripherals will light up with spinning plumbobs.
  • They’ll reflect the mood of your selected Sim.
  • When visiting secret worlds, they’ll take on a color scheme inspired by the world itself.

Don’t forget that Logitech G LIGHTSYNC requires Logitech G HUB, which can be downloaded from

Last but certainly not least[]

We took the opportunity to add Likes and Dislikes for Cottagecore in the Music category and for Cross-Stitching and Knitting in the Activity section. These were a bit overdue, but I’m glad we were able to add them for this update!

We also took the opportunity to update the trait icon for Erratic to something more fitting to the trait.

And finally, we have added in Build Mode the “Through the Looking Glass Window” which was seen in some of the Industrial Loft Kit promotional art. You can find it in the Window sort, in the Base Game window options.

We hope that you enjoy these additions and changes, now to the bug fixes.

Bug Fixes[]

The Sims 4[]

  • Is your game filling with empty households? We made a fix to clear the empty Households when loading the game.
  • Your manicure should stand out – in a good way. It is part of your ensemble and can complement an outfit, adding personality and finishing the look. But what is not a perfect complement is that your manicure kinda became part of your outfit, as in literally part of it drawing a line across it, so we have made a fix for that. This fix is across multiple Create a Sim assets across the Base Game and Packs.
  • You are the handiest Sim ever known to Sims, so much so that you can upgrade toilets to add an H2O Siphoner outside the area where the toilet is… like with your mind? No longer! As much as we like things to be fixed “magically,” this particular upgrade will require your Sim to be in direct contact with the toilet, yes… physically.
  • Speaking of handiness, have your Sims ever tried repairing their shower-tub combos or bathtubs, but kinda not been able to get to them? That should be resolved, and we also fixed this same error when Sims tried to perform the Water Recycler and add H20 Siphoner upgrades.
  • Sims love baking cakes and they love baking and decorating them together with other Sims in a group. They didn’t love that they could not add toppers or candles to them though, but they can now. So have your Sims bake a cake, top it off, and eat it too.
  • Ever had a friend who said they liked something but really they didn’t and their face showed it? We felt the same with Sims that even though they liked things they had the “dislike” thought bubbles. So we made some adjustments and now their thoughts match a bit better with their feelings into what they say they like or dislike. Honesty is the best policy.
  • Getting to know someone can be challenging, especially for people like me… an introvert, even more so when Getting to know someone who doesn’t reveal their traits. No worries, we have made a fix so that your Sims are not in that awkward position any longer.
  • Noticed some Sims doing more of the “A-ha!” or “Eureka!” animations while not being in a Scientist Career? With this update, the “A-ha!” moment doesn’t happen as frequently if your Sims are not in the Scientist Career (they will still do it due to Environment Score, but not as frequently). Though, in all honesty, if a Sim has an epiphany of some kind, shouldn’t they exclaim: “Eureka!”? Discuss.
  • Ghosts can now eat Ambrosia and become regular Sims again! Isn’t this the plot of a movie about a friendly ghost? Sounds familiar.
  • Perfectionists Sims will now save their paintings in their Inventory instead of starting over even after completing a perfect painting. Maybe they were striving to perfection… too hard.
  • I like knowing tiny bits and facts about the people I know and I like – but getting like and dislike messages about Sims in Households I am not playing is not my cup of tea. I mean, cute, but not the time. This issue should be resolved and you will see these messages only of Households you are currently in control of.

Get Together[]

  • The Go Sledding Activity club icon has been added.

Eco Lifestyle[]

  • So you’ve got the hang of vertical gardening – perfect for small spaces! You have several A-OK-Bloomer Vertical Planters, you’ve started to sing to your plants, cared for them appropriately, talked to them, and you decide to grow Cruelty Free Meat – but realized you couldn’t harvest it? We reviewed our planters and sang a few songs to them and now you should be able to harvest Cruelty Free Meat from vertical planters.
  • The Fabricated Floor Light (the round bottom one) is now able to be Fabricated.

Cottage Living[]

  • Being helpful in your community is good. And if you are in Henford-on-Bagley, even better. Sims that offer a helping hand and are Meddling and Peddling can now see and perform the “Encourage to Flirt with” interaction… encourage away! But don’t forget to tell me all about it!
  • Are you going to the Finchwich Fair? Crops, Llamas, Cows, and Chickens… Sims that submit high value items to the Fair will now have a better chance at winning First Place. Remember me to one in Finchwich Fair… he was once a true love of mine.
  • Living in the Simple Living Challenge can be rewarding, except when you can’t eat your Onigiri, Seaweed Ramen, and Avocado Maki Rolls. Our designers decided that Seaweed shouldn’t be the secret ingredient, so now you can make these dishes when living a simpler living.

Spa Day[]

  • Does your Sim desire to be a Self Care Specialist, but they are having trouble managing to keep regular clients so they never achieve this goal? It should be resolved now, so go get it, get it, get it.

Realm of Magic[]

  • Hereee we areeee… born to be Sims! They are the royalty of the Unnnniverrrseee. They are immortal, your Sims have inside the Immortality Potion. They have no rival, no other Sim can be their equal… now that the potion works!

Dream Home Decorator[]

  • We adjusted the pay for Interior Designers in their higher levels. I personally did not see an issue with this, Interior Designers need to get their coin, but we recognized it was maybe a bit too much compared to other levels in the same career path.
  • Just when you thought Kleptomaniac Sims had met their match, alas no – they really had to go for that Kid’s Tent. What can you do? We fixed the issue that on Attempt to Swipe the tent would not disappear from the lot and not be in the Sim’s Inventory… in any inventory. So with this fix you will see your swiped tents in the Household Inventory.

Nifty Knitting[]

  • Sims with autonomy ON will now be able to Knit when they are not having fun. Sims just want to have fun.

Bust the Dust[]

  • Those adorable – but filthy – Dust Bunnies were at it again! Maids didn’t have the heart to bust the dust completely. We told them it was ok to do so as no real bunnies are being harmed – just dust ones – and now they should be busting the dust entirely.