Build Cheats Edit

  • buydebug [on/off] (must have testingcheatsenabled on)
Enables new basement tools like torches
  • allowObjectsOnRoofs [on/off]
Place every object on the roof.
  • enableLotLocking [true/false]
Enables locking and unlocking lots.

Control + Shift ClicksEdit

In the World Adventures expansion pack, certain adventure items can be reconstructed on home lots when a specific number of fragments are gathered (many more adventure items can also be placed using the 'BuyDebug on' cheat.) After these items are placed, going into buy mode and shift+ctrl clicking them will allow a number of advanced scripting option used in adventures, such as linking triggers to enable them or any number of relic or treasure items they spawn, many normal Sims 3 items only have the "clone" option when clicked. You do not need testingCheatsEnabled on activated to use this command.

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