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The Sims 2 for mobile
The Sims 2 Mobile Cover
Box art for The Sims 2 for mobile
Developer(s) Ideaworks Game Studio
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts,

Producer: Shanti Bergel

Ratings Teen
Series The Sims
Release date(s) November 25, 2005 [1]
Technical information
Engine Java ME
Mode(s) Single-player
System requirements Cell phone
Game features
Genres Life simulation

The Sims 2 for Mobile is the mobile phone version for The Sims 2. This game was available for 2G and 3G phones when released in 2006, such as the popular Motorola RAZR. The game was discontinued following the release of The Sims 3. The game is no longer available from app stores such as Verizon's VCAST Get It Now and Nokia app stores, such as Bigpond and Telstra. This was also the first game to be released on mobile phone, seeing as The Sims was not released on the mobile platform.


Create, customize and guide your Sim to a successful life in the Sims 2! Explore an immersive 3D Sims world, buy objects for your Sim, and check out elaborate virtual environments. In order to succeed, you'll have to develop your career skills, and foster relationships with other Sims. An intuitive, easy-to-use interface makes it easy for both experienced and novice gamers to lead their Sims to happiness. Enjoy the Sims game anytime!


When the game starts the player chooses a name (although unable to make custom names), sign, and finally, clothing. The purpose of the game is to upgrade your Sim's house, build up relationships with other Sims and live in the life of luxury. The Sims 2 for Mobile is the first game not to feature any children, and is also the first game to only feature adults. Actions are extremely limited and even eating and showering is unable to be seen. There is a microwave, but you will not be able to prepare a meal. Instead, you will eat from the microwave. When eating and showering is happening, there will be a grey cloud, along with icons zooming in and out. For eating, it is food, and for showering, it is soap and a rubber duck. The game was considered to be set in Strangetown, as advertised, although Strangetown is a desert town and the layout is grass. Also, advertising says they can cheer up the residents, although the residents don't need to be cheered up.

Features Edit

  • Create-A-Sim: Choose from 24 different Sim combinations
  • Meet The Locals: Sims are social creatures. Getting to know other Sims in the neighborhood can lead to employment, friendship and even romance.
  • Fulfill Wants & Needs: Your Sim desires certain things to stay happy. Give them what they want... or don't. It's all in your hands.
  • Work: There's no free ride! Sims need Simoleans to buy food, objects and expand their house.
  • Skills: Better skills mean better jobs and more money. Help your Sim improve their Skills to move up the career ladder.
  • Shop: Help your Sim shop for the right combination of objects to furnish their house.
  • Expand: Sims can save up their Simoleans to build additional rooms for their house.


There are six pre-made Sims in the game and they might visit your house at random times. The player may also call them, invite them over or just chat. The following Sims are in this game:

Ben - Agrees with everything you talk about.

  • Loves to kiss and tell dirty jokes

Penny - Disagrees with Money and Politics.

  • Offers the job of a chef
  • Love to hug, peck, flirt and gossip about men.

John - Disagrees about Exercise and Money.

  • Likes to gossip about Penny, Kitty, Lorna and Ian
  • Likes dirty jokes.

Kitty - Disagrees with Food, money and Politics.

  • Appears after you have bought the recreation room
  • Offers the job of a personal trainer
  • Likes to gossip about Ben, Penny, John and Ian
  • Likes clean jokes.

Lorna - Disagrees with Exercise and Love.

  • Gossips about Penny, John, Kitty
  • Likes to hug and peck
  • Offers the Party DJ career

Ian - Disagrees with Food and Politics.

  • Appears after you buy the party room and upgraded it with a bar and decks.
  • Likes to gossip about Penny, John and Kitty
  • Likes hugs, pecks and dirty jokes.
  • Offers the guitarist career, which pays 700 simoleons a day.

Sims cannot age or have children, as in most mobile The Sims games. They can get married and have sleepovers though. Same sex relationships are also allowed in this game.

  • NOTE* Once a number of positive interactions are made, there will be no more reactions. While you can still interact, no negative or positive reaction will be made. If the game is not played for a while, one or two positive or negative reactions will be made, but that is quite rare. Pick the right conversation topics, or else friendships or love will be ruined and are extremely difficult to get back.

Objects and LayoutsEdit

The game first starts out with 3 rooms. A kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. The bathroom contains a shower, a sink and a toilet. The kitchen has a table and a chair, a microwave, a fridge and a few tabletops.No meals can be prepared from the microwave. The bedroom contains a TV, a mirror and a bed. Sims can buy objects by calling the Sim Emporium via the mobile phone. Although they can buy objects, they cannot sell them afterwards.

Sims can also upgrade their home by using their mobile phone. Then they can get the following:

  • Living Room - §500
  • Recreation Room - §1000
  • Party Room - §2000
  • Garden - §4000

You will not be able to upgrade until later in the game.


The following skills appear in the game:

  • Cooking - Earned by cooking meals.
  • Creativity - Earned by playing the guitar.
  • Charisma - Earned by using the mirror.
  • Logic - Earned by a bookcase or a chess game.
  • Body - Earned by an exercise machine.



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