The Sims is the name of a live-action film that is based on the top selling PC series The Sims. There is no recent news related to the film; the most recent information predicted a 2012 release date, but this is obviously now untrue. It is unknown if the project has been formally canceled or if it is stuck in 'development limbo'.


On May 25, 2007 it was announced that The Sims film rights had been purchased by 20th Century Fox. At that time, not much was known about the film, besides that it was to be written by Brian Lynch, the man responsible for writing movies such as Scary Movie 3 and writing/directing the 1999 film Big Helium Dog. The film was to be produced by John Davis, responsible for films such as Norbit and Eragon.

The amount of rumors about the film after a long period of time without hearing about the development of the film, and the film was apparently canceled. IMDb removed the page, although it has been re-added. Few sources other than IMDb have confirmed the film since 2007 and the information on the IMDb page itself is scarce.


Pleasantview citizens are always well-mannered. But newcomer Andie starts to uncover the 'real' Pleasantview, for not only is Pleasantview full of cheating, lying, deceiving, secret-ridden people like the Goths, Don Lothario and the struggling Newbies, but they are being ruled by a greater power. Andie is terrified to discover they are stuck in a video game being played by millions universally. (From, "EA has officially announced the upcoming Sims Movie, which is currently in production, they also for the first time mention a new TV series which is also in production - using the MySims game. The relationship is expected to significantly ramp up EA's film and television slate, which currently includes a feature version of the popular The Sims™ game in script development at 20th Century Fox with producer John Davis and a MySims™ animated television series in development at Film Roman.")

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