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The Sims: Livin' Large
The Sims: Livin' Large
The Sims: Livin' Large
Box art for The Sims: Livin' Large
Developer(s) Maxis
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Ratings ELSPA: 15+
Release date(s) Windows
NA August 27, 2000
PAL September 8, 2000
NA October 23, 2002
Technical information
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
Game features
Creatures Grim Reaper, Zombie, Genie, Servo
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The Sims Livin' Large Logo

The Sims: Livin' Large, known as The Sims: Livin' It Up in Europe, is the first expansion pack for The Sims, released on August 27, 2000. It also shipped with all deluxe editions of The Sims. Unlike later expansions, it has no specific theme. However, many of its additions have sci-fi, fantasy, or supernatural elements, such as the entire Paranormal career track.

Official description[]

The Sims Livin’ Large!™ makes The Sims™ twice the game it used to be! We've added a bunch of new game elements and social interactions that create tons of cool new gameplay experiences.

Game Features[]

New Objects[]

  • The "Concoctanation Station": With this chemistry set, Sims can make potions while gaining logic points. Different potions will have different effects, some good, some... not (i.e., the blue potion freshes out three of a Sim's needs, the purple potion turns them into a monster that breaks any objects it attempt to use).
  • Antique Lamp: Allows Sims to take a risk to see if their wishes will be granted by the genie who lives inside.
  • Crystal Ball: Answer its riddle to change a Sim's personality, or simply gaze into the future.
  • Vibromatic Heart Bed: Sims can now get intimate under the covers and perhaps get a new family member.
  • Telescope: Take a look at the night sky and possibly even meet aliens!
  • Beaver Pelt MooseheadBring this furry fellow home for your gameroom or den. The wife is sure to love it.

New NPCs[]

  • Servo: With this expensive item, send the robot inside to do chores. Fire all maids, butlers and gardeners!
  • Sunny the Tragic Clown: This infamous NPC will come to life from a painting if Sims are in bad mood. He will try to cheer them up by doing tricks which always go wrong and interrupt Sims' sleep. To get rid of him, raise the Sims' mood or set the painting on fire. (Later, a free download on the Sims site added new NPCS you could call, The Clown Catchers.)
  • Grim Reaper: This NPC will come to fetch a Sim's soul if they die. If he is feeling generous, you can make any living Sims plea with him and play Rock-Paper-Scissors with him to bring back the dead Sim.
  • Santa Claus: If a Sim prepares a plate of cookies near a Christmas tree and a fireplace, Santa Claus might visit and leave presents under the tree—if all Sims in the household are asleep by midnight.
  • Genie: If a Sim rubs a magic lamp a Genie will appear and grant them a wish, with good or bad consequences.

New Careers[]

New Building Themes[]

  • Rustic turn-of-the century houses
  • Garish Vegas-style lounges
  • Medieval castles
  • Retro/sci-fi "Homes of the Future"

Other New Features[]


  • This expansion consists of some features that did not make it into the base game, such as the guitar, sickness, and roaches, which were initially cut due to deadlines.
  • The French version of the game's loading screen simply says "Disque Addtionnel", rather than the expansion's translated subtitle (Ça vous change la vie). Whether it's an error is unknown.
  • Copies of The Sims: Livin' Large were discontinued after the release of The Sims: Deluxe Edition, which bundled the base game and The Sims: Livin' Large.
  • This is the only pack in the franchise to feature the Hacker career, although the criminal career track in The Sims 4 does feature a similar occupation called the Oracle.
  • The vibrating bed featured in this game has been widely considered by fans and critics alike the best item in The Sims.



Track Real-world preview!
The Sims: Livin' Large Load Music

Known issues[]

One common issue about The Sims: Livin' Large is that sometimes the new objects are not shown in-game, and the base game loading screen is shown instead of the one for The Sims: Livin' Large. To fix this, a patch download is needed, or installing a newer expansion such as House Party.

Other languages[]

Language Title Translated etymology
English The Sims: Livin' Large
English (Europe) The Sims: Livin' It Up
Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)
Dutch The Sims: Het Rijke Leven
French Les Sims: Ça vous change la vie
German Die Sims: Das volle Leben
Polish The Sims: Światowe życie
Portuguese The Sims: Gozando a Vida
Spanish Los Sims: Más vivos que nunca

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