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Players with Deluxe, or any expansion pack released after Deluxe do not need this patch, and should not download it.



You must have 567Mb of open drive space before launching the patch. Please do NOT interrupt the installation of the patch.

Patch notes[]

  • A Bay Window will now appear in the game.
  • The Old Prude will now appear on all the lots.
  • Cuddling was having problems in the booth and both couches, Sims would get stuck. We have addressed this and they should no longer get stuck.[3]
  • If dining in the booth with a date, your date could get stuck and would never move. You can now cancel out of dining if this happens, and there is no longer a permanent game hang.
  • Items and Actions were dropping out of the Sims queue, this has been fixed.
  • The clothing rack was experiencing a few random crashes, these have been fixed.
  • The Food carts will no longer advertise so highly causing the townies to flock and block Sims from eating there. If this does occur, that action will just drop out of the queue.


  1. UK-English, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish.
  2. US-English (for Asia only), Thai, Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Korean.
  3. This is a direct copy from the original patch notes. "We" refers to Maxis/EA, not The Sims Wiki.