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The Octagon
The Octagon
Lot type Residential
Lot size Large
Number of floors 1
Occupants General Payne and Maxine Powers
Bedrooms 1
Bathrooms 2
Neighborhood SimValley
Game The Sims Bustin' Out

The Octagon is a residential lot in SimValley in The Sims Bustin' Out for console. It is a military base run by General Payne and Maxine Powers. Its name and function is likely a play on The Pentagon.

Missions Edit

There are four missions here: eliminate Senator Landgraab, shut down the hackers, destroy bio-weapons, and track down anti-war protesters.

Since Malcolm is a Senator in the Octagon's operation, he is to be eliminated before he shuts the lot down. This can be done by unlocking and purchasing the Miss Gyrotic robot and then programming her for self-defense. Doing this will result in Miss Gyrotic coming out of her "housing" and using a ball of lightning to attack Malcolm. He will yell for the player to get her off of him. As a result, he'll wet himself and leave as he needs comfort and a well-needed shower. Alternatively, once Malcolm comes onto the Octagon's premises, go into Build Mode and build a wall around him, but with no doors. After a while, he will scream for the player to let him go, and only then can you undo the wall.

In order to shut down the hackers, the player needs to visit Shiny Things Labs and steal whichever computer they find opposing the threat. A message will appear and give proof that the computer was used illegally.

Destroying bio-weapons results by going to Goth Manor, paying a little visit to their greenhouse and destroying their incubator. Either General or Maxine will inform the player that the mission was just a hoax.

Tracking down anti-war protesters should be the last mission. The player must visit Club Rubb and attack either Bing or Mona.

The items received in completing missions are 5,000 simoleons, fake parrot, abdominator, and the spartan lamp.

Other goals Edit

  • Buy 2,000 worth of improvements for the Octagon (player gets the Atlantis column)
  • Have a baby
  • Get to Space-Time Tinkerer in the Mad Scientist career
  • Get to Intelligence Director in the Paramilitary career
  • Get married
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