The Monument is the final location in The Sims 2 for PlayStation Portable where the player arrives after completing all missions at Division 47. The sims present are Doctor Dominion, Oscar Del Fuego and Roberta Rossum. Some objects from past locations such as the ritual cow Beelzebeef and the player's car can also be found there. This is probably the same circle made of rocks as in the PC version.


Doctor Dominion explains his evil plan of taking over Strangetown and later the world. The player then has to dismantle all parts of his power source which include: turning off Roberta's Brain, and removing the Hyper-Attractor, making Beelzebeef vanish. After doing these tasks, his plan of controlling the player's Sim's mind with his PlumbBob brainwasher will fail. In the scene, Doctor Dominion is under the control of the PlumbBob so the player must fight off the PlumbBob, thus saving Strangetown. In the end, Dominion cannot control himself when it becomes attached to him, causing the villain to vanish in a flash of bright light.


After defeating Doctor Dominion, the player will touch his floating helmet where he stood. The player will get shocked, and then will find themselves in Isaac Rossum's house. The player can revisit the Monument at any time, but only by using the teleporter device picked up in the Secret Sub-level in Division 47. By touching Dominion's helmet, the player can change their aspiration at any time.

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