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The Magic Realm
The Magic Realm
Sub-neighborhood · Featured in: The Sims 4: Realm of Magic
The Magic Realm
Name The Magic Realm
Game Realm of Magic icon The Sims 4: Realm of Magic

RoM Icon The Magic Realm is a hidden neighborhood featured in The Sims 4: Realm of Magic. It is accessed by travelling through a portal in Glimmerbrook or by using a Glimmerstone, which can only be used by spellcasters. The neighborhood consists of a small, partially-destroyed town built atop floating rocks in a dark void, with a unique day and night cycle. If Seasons is installed, the weather is always partly cloudy, referred to as "Mystical Clouds".


The Magic Realm[]

The Magic Realm
The Magic Realm lot
The Magic Realm is the source of all magic. Unfortunately, it is slowly being pulled apart by the swirling vortex surrounding it. The only thing that is keeping it together is the balance between the three houses of magic. Each house has a Sage that is the master in their respective style. If any imbalance is ever struct between these Sages the entire realm could collapse.
Type Lot TS4 Magic Realm The Magic Realm
Value §213,491
Lot size 50x40
N° of floors 5
Bathrooms 2
Game The Sims 4: Realm of Magic

When visiting the neighborhood, Sims are taken to the "Magic HQ"[1], where the three spellcaster sages reside. Other spellcasters will visit this building as well.

Each NPC sage represents one of the schools of magic. They can tutor spellcasters in their respective school, and they all have the highest spellcaster rank, Virtuoso. They can also turn normal Sims into spellcasters through providing a quest. By default, the sages are Simeon Silversweater as the Sage of Practical Magic, L. Faba as the Sage of Mischief Magic, and Morgyn Ember as the Sage of Untamed Magic.

The "Magic HQ" consists of three above-ground floors (though only two are accessible) and two basement floors. The first floor foyer has doors to other areas in the building and stairs leading down to a small dueling area. Other rooms on the first floor include a kitchen, a bathroom, a study and a library. The second floor has three rooms with cauldrons, presumably one for each of the sages, as well as a meeting area. The basement includes another library, another bathroom, and a bar.

Neighborhood amenities[]

Casters Alley[]

One of the floating islands in The Magic Realm is home to a marketplace for spellcasters, known as Casters Alley. There are three vendor stalls to purchase from: one for wands, spell tomes and familiars, one for magic brooms and crystals, and one for alchemy ingredients. Each stall is staffed by an "Astral Projection Vendor", who have the appearance of ghosts but are not actually ghosts. Casters Alley may be a spoof of Diagon Alley from Harry Potter.

Dueling grounds[]

The dueling grounds can be found on another floating island. Spellcasters can specifically challenge each other to a magic duel at the dueling grounds, rather than just at a nearby clearing.


The third floating island is home to gardens and a destroyed greenhouse. Sims cannot enter the greenhouse, but the outside has plenty of plants and resources to harvest for potion brewing. Mandrake and Valerian plants naturally occur here.


  • The Magic Realm could be named and based on The Other Realm from the TV series Sabrina The Teenage Witch and the Netflix series Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina.


Notes and references[]

  1. Even though this lot assignment is referred to as the "Magic HQ" by developers, if players use the bb.enablefreebuild cheat to edit the lot in-game, its lot assignment is called "The Magic Realm".