The Urbz: Sims in the City

The Foundry
The Foundry

"The New Black."

If you want to get away from the traffic and crowds to kick back with the more bohemian populace in The Urbz: Sims in the City, hang a left over to The Foundry. Years ago, artists seeking affordable housing, open studio space, and a lifestyle away from the mainstream metropolis seeped into this deteriorating industrial district and gave it new verve. They converted the abandoned warehouses into lofted art studios, independent galleries, and coffee shops buzzing with shop talk and politics. Visitors are invited to pull up a chair at the local coffee shop or stroll through the galleries with wine-glass in hand.

Crispin’s Cauldron is one of the most promising up-and-coming galleries. It specializes in post-modern sculpture and industrial metal-smithing. Visitors are always welcome as long as they know to keep their fingers away from the art for risk of losing appendages entirely!

Iron Age Coffee Haus offers the best espresso and Haus-made biscotti in the city. This is a perfect spot to relax and listen to the sound of summer raindrops tap dancing on the tin sheeted roofs.

You know the party’s on when the neon and laser lights flare up around The Gearbox and engage in a high-tech Robo Battle - a “smashing” expose of mechanical art.

There’s nothing like a funky wrought iron sculpture to finish off a modern bachelor (or bachelorette) pad; or better yet a flaming wall-mounted torch to give it that ‘European’ medieval feel.

In terms of clothing, while there is no better color than black, you can also get lovely shirts and scarves in gray, dark gray, light gray, gunmetal gray and other subdued hues.

And what better way to fit in with the hip crowd than a few well placed piercings? There are cool adornments for lobes, lips and nostrils at very reasonable prices.

It’s invite only at The Foundry, so you’ll need to find someone with a friend in the right place. I’ve heard that these guys are surprisingly close to the kids down at Kicktail Park, so you might want to start looking there...

Getting a reputation here will get you noticed by the residents of Neon East.

Residents[edit | edit source]

Crispin Black, as mentioned earlier, is looking for someone to help him run his sculpting business, while Bella Ciao and Arthur Pop both have some hip moves to teach their friends. Neo Flange is the most intellectual and it shows in his trendy urban “smart” clothing designs and the word on the street is that Roxanna Hardplace wants to hire someone to restyle a few of her less attractive friends, but you’ll need to get in tight with her before she’ll offer you the gig.

The job here requires quick reflexes as you balance turning molten iron into works of art, keeping your basic needs in check, and socializing with the oh-so-hipper-than-thou crowd. Prove you can multitask with an eye for detail, and your Rep in this district will skyrocket.

Social Interactions[edit | edit source]

Thefoundry INT.png

Preferred Moves

  • Artsy Dance
  • Compare Phones
  • Mock
  • Smoke Trick
  • Snippy Snap

Taught Moves

  • Compare Phones (unlocked by befriending Bella Ciao)
  • Artsy Dance (unlocked by befriending Arthur Pop)
  • Buzz (unlocked by completing level one of the local job)
  • Lounge Lure (unlocked by completing level two of the local job)
  • Paparazzi Pop (unlocked by completing level three of the local job)

Upon entering the VIP area around midnight, the player urb will recieve a BlastiKiss social from Darius, which can be used to stop the villain Kiki Blunt.

District Relationships[edit | edit source]

Like all other districts, The Foundry urbz will have relationships with other urbz based on which district they come from.


The Foundry urbz will use Greet, Act Friendly, or Act Romantic social moves with urbz from these districts.


The Foundry urbz will use random social moves with urbz from these districts.


The Foundry urbz will use Act Mean social moves with urbz from these districts.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Thefoundr OV.png

  • Designs By Neo (Clothing Shop)
  • Crispin's Cauldron (Local Job)
  • The Gearbox (VIP Area)
  • Iron Age Coffee Haus

Comix[edit | edit source]

Authored by James Kochalka.

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