The DangleMaster Deluxe
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When Simon Kasimudy, father of five, tripped over a tree root, he fell badly and passed out for a second. As he regained consciousness, he saw a trifecta of objects floating above his head. Still slightly dazed, he started batting at them merrily, enjoying himself thoroughly. So when his youngest needed entertainment, Simon used this experience to come up with the DangleMaster Deluxe and soothe his child!
Game The Sims 2
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §60
Object type(s) Motive
Size 1x1

Maxis Created Maxis Created

The DangleMaster Deluxe is an object that was available for purchase in The Sims 2 Store. Along with The Bouncinator 3000, it was a part of the Oh Baby! set.

Although it was originally intended to be included in The Sims 2: Apartment Life, EA removed it due to unknown reasons. After the release of Apartment Life, EA offered it in The Sims 2 Store as a part of the aforementioned set.

The DangleMaster Deluxe is an object that is exclusive to babies. It can only be placed on the floor and Sims from teen through elder can place babies in it. Once placed, they will play with the dangling objects, raising their fun meter. Players should be cautious, though, as they will cry if their hunger, bladder or hygiene motives get too low. If their energy motive is low, they will fall asleep.

Players should note that this object functions only if Apartment Life or Mansion & Garden Stuff is installed. Since The Sims 2 Store has been taken down, it can no longer be downloaded, though there's a modified version of it and the Bouncinator available here.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Babies in The DangleMaster Deluxe will start to cry when their bladder meter is half-empty instead of near-empty. As a result, they cry for several hours before actually requiring a diaper change.
    • This is considered a glitch or an oversight with existing fixes on third-party sites.

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