The Crossroads
The Crossroads
Lot type Community
Lot size 4x4
Neighborhood Felicity Island
Game The Sims Castaway Stories

The crossroads are more of a gateway to other places than a destination in itself, but it's still a nice spot to go for a stroll -- stopping every once in a while to smell the flowers, or talk to strangers as they pass through.

The Crossroads is a community lot on the northern part of Felicity Island, one of the neighborhoods shipped with The Sims Castaway Stories. Like all community lots, it can be visited by using the travel map. The Crossroads has four paths leading from it, one on each side. North leads to The Forbidden Village, east to The Boneyard, south to The Swamp and west leads to the Scavenger Fields.

In the Shipwrecked and Single story, Rarahu Anuata is guarding the path to the Scavenger Fields. He fights the protagonist when he/she attempts to greet him. After the protagonist meets Professor Rhinehart at The Boneyard, he/she will find a post laying around at The Crossroads, which proves to be useful as a mast for the raft. The protagonist can access the path to the Scavenger Fields, when the professor suggests to cut long grass there to weave a sail. Mata, the jaguar, can also be found at The Crossroads guarding the path to The Forbidden Village. The only way to pass her is by taming her with a leaf from the nepeta plant, which can be found at the Creepy Hollow.


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