The Bluffs Overview
The Bluffs
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The Bluffs
The Bluffs
Lot type Island Bluff
Value §35,567
Lot size 30x30
World Windenburg
Game The Sims 4: Get Together

The Bluffs is a special neighborhood located in Windenburg that is located next to The Island. The neighborhood consists of a one lot; The Bluffs, which is an Island Bluff special lot that can't be used anywhere else. The Bluffs contains a uniquely designed pool, which is a natural pool, a bush for Sims to WooHoo, pee, or sleep in, and a bonfire overlooking the sea. It is not recommended to search for collectibles, as there is often difficult to find them and they come in smaller quantities. It is also a place to spot the sea monster.

The Bluffs can also host special parties, where Sims are invited by their friends. These special parties includes a DJ booth and a bar with a bartender. They are pretty common, and happen during the night.

The Bluffs can be accessed by from the map, but is also accessible from a shrub that is located in The Island neighborhood.


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