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boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true and testingCheatsEnabled are by far the most powerful cheats in The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. Though testingCheatsEnabled is not nearly as powerful as boolProp testingCheatsEnabled, it is still the most powerful in the game. Both are debugging cheats, and even though very useful, they can have negative consequences.

This cheat is often erroneously called "boolProp", which means "Boolean property" or "true/false". In The Sims 2, there are several cheats that start with "boolProp".

It is a myth that each word must be capitalised. You don't need to capitalise at all.

The Sims 2
Enter cheat mode:
type: ^ Ctrl+⇧ Shift+C
Turn the cheat on: boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
Turn the cheat off: boolProp testingcheatsenabled false
Notes: must be entered in the "main menu" screen to enable all features
The Sims 3
Enter cheat mode:
type: ^ Ctrl+⇧ Shift+C
Turn the cheat on: testingcheatsenabled true
Turn the cheat off: testingcheatsenabled false

Use and abilities

To use it, after entering the code followed by "true", then press the Shift key while simultaneously clicking on a Sim or the mailbox. A menu will pop up giving the player options. There are many actions possible with this cheat, including making Sims grow up, changing a Sim's aspiration or traits, moving and deleting objects that weren't movable or deletable previously (although this can also be achieved using the moveObjects cheat), spawning cheat objects,[TS2] and making Sims selectable or non-selectable. To turn the cheat off type the prompt in the cheat window with the word "false" after it. You can Shift+click on anything and when clicking on counters or plumbing and electronics, it's possible to break, clean, and delete. When using ForceError, Cancel does nothing, Reset ends all actions, even if they're otherwise unstoppable, and Delete will delete the Sim/pet/object.

[TS2]If you shift+click on any Sim and click MAKE SELECTABLE, then you can control the sim. If you press MAKE UNSELECTABLE, the opposite will happen. To control infants, click MAKE UNSELECTABLE, then MAKE SELECTABLE. Non playable characters, or NPCs, such as the Grim Reaper, will not be able to be controlled. You can summon them using the mailbox and testingcheatsenabled or the Tombstone of L and D, you just can't control them.

With this cheat enabled, it is possible to summon different objects that also act as cheats, create townies of your own, and add people to you family.

In Create-A-Sim,[TS2] if the the cheat has been enabled prior to entering, hidden hairstyles, clothes, eye color, make-up and skin colors can be unlocked by pressing (Shift) + N. This must be done before entering Create-A-Sim. When activated, a pop-up box will appear, informing the player that has activated debugging mode and hidden aspects have been unlocked, now giving Sims the ability to wear NPC clothes and hidden hairstyles, among other things. The cheat can be disabled by pressing (Shift) + M.

This cheat also enables "force error".[TS2] If a player uses this, depending on what they click they can delete or reset a Sim. It can be handy to reset a character if they are frozen but, unfortunately, it can also be dangerous.

Dangers of using the cheat

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Many times this cheat will cause family members to disappear. A pop-up will appear on the screen, saying there is an error with [error code], and give three choices. If DELETE is chosen, the Sim that was selected or interacted with disappears from the game. Rather than exiting without saving, it is possible to use the Tombstone of L and D, a spawnable cheat object accessible via this cheat. Once spawned, select 'Get Family Member' and click on the name of the missing Sim. This will return the Sim without losing game progress. Or, you can use RESET to not lose your Sim or the object. CANCEL does nothing.

  • Some times, if this cheat is not turned off before exiting the game, random townies will be in the household.[confirmation needed] Two ways to get rid of them are to kill them, or turn on move_objects on cheat, go into Buy Mode, grab the sim, and press delete. They won't die, but they'll disappear.

In The Sims 3, the "Error Code 16", which affects your save due to overusage of testingcheatsenabled true [citation needed] can also be negated if you click Save As instead of Save and use another name for the save file will save the game without any problem, though it is highly recommended if testingcheatsenabled is rarely used in the game. The new patch now can recover the save game in case anyone doesn't know this method.

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