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This template has been replaced with a new group of user warning templates. Please do not use this template.
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This template is not for transclusion and must be put on pages using substitution with the subst prefix. Eg. {{subst:Template}}


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Please note that one or more edits you've made have been reverted because they did not positively contribute to the wiki. Please refrain from making these edits in the future, and limit test edits to the Sandbox.


This is a standardized warning message; you can view the original template here. If you have any questions or concerns about the message, please contact the user that issued it, or contact an active administrator for assistance. You may remove this notice as soon as you have read it.

Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

This template is specifically intended for use by Administrators and Rollbackers Only. Use of this template by other users is a blockable offense. Note that Rollbackers are limited to issuing Level 1 or Level 2 warnings only.


This is a general purpose notification and warning template to be used on user talk pages, for those users who have broken any of The Sims Wiki's Policies.

The text of the template is determined based on the <type> parameter selected (see below). By default, a non-threatening notice is used, which cautions against inappropriate edits in the future. The template can be customized by the administrator using it, or the administrator/rollbacker can choose one of several warning messages of varying message and severity, depending on the circumstances.

Full warning code

The following can be copy-pasted onto a talk page, with the parameters filled in. See Syntax below to see which parameters are optional and which are mandatory:

|type    = 
|custom  =
|other   =
|ip      =
|sig     = ~~~~

The base syntax of this warning is:


There are two optional parameters. The parameter <other> will allow you to add additional custom text under the body of the warning, but above the standardized text that appears at the bottom of the warning itself. To use this parameter, enter:

{{Subst:Warning|other=<your typed text>|sig=~~~~}}

The second optional parameter, <ip>, should be filled in if the warning is being placed on an unregistered user's talk page. Filling <ip> with any non-blank text will trigger an additional message in the template's boilerplate.

Depending on the message and severity intended, different entries can be made to the <type> parameter. Note that all entries are case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as shown, into the type parameter in the template, such that the template will look like:

Warning type Level 0 parameter Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Vandalism vandal vandal1 vandal2 vandal3
Spam spam spam1 spam2 spam3
Blanking articles or sections blank blank1 blank2 blank3
Removing information from an article remove remove1 remove2 remove3
Inserting false information false false1 false2 false3
Creating inappropriate pages create create1 create2 create3
Adding inappropriate categories cat cat1 cat2 cat3
Violation of File/Copyright policy file file1 file2 file3
Editing other people's fanons fanon fanon1 fanon2 fanon3
Disorderly behavior, Edit warring, personal attacks, etc. disrupt - - -
Suspected Sockpuppetry sock - - -
Reverting own test edits selfrevert - - -
Custom entry (see below) custom - - -
Custom Entries

If none of the prewritten messages suits your needs, you can enter a customized warning message. To do this, add 'custom' to the <type> parameter field, and type out your warning in the <custom> parameter, as shown:

{{Subst:Warning|type=custom|custom=<Your typed text>|sig=~~~~}}

Based on an administrative discussion, rollbackers are allowed to issue warnings to users. However, rollbackers may only issue Level 1 warnings, and only for the following types: Vandalism, Spam, Blanking articles or sections, Removing information from an article, Inserting false information, Creating inappropriate pages, Adding inappropriate categories, Editing other people's fanons, Violation of Copyright Policy, and Reverting own test edits. If a user has already been warned using a Level 1 warning, a rollbacker may issue a Level 2 warning, on the condition that they also notify a member of the administrative team about the user and their edits. Rollbackers may issue custom warnings, but these warnings cannot indicate that a user will be blocked for failing to heed the warning.

Other information
  • The pre-written warning text can be found and edited at {{Warning-text}}.
  • Remember that this is a substituted template!
  • The old warning template, which is now retired, can be found at {{OldWarning}}. Please refrain from using the retired warning template.
  • Please discuss additions or changes to this template on the talk page or on the administrators' noticeboard.
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