Nuvola apps important Your editing pattern indicates that you may be using multiple accounts; under wiki policy, this is not allowed. If you are using multiple accounts, please disclose on the userpages of both accounts that they are linked, and only use one account to edit the wiki at a time. Please note that alternate accounts used to circumvent blocks or sanctions, or as a deceptive tactic to confuse other editors, are called sockpuppets. Sockpuppetry is strictly prohibited, and people using sockpuppets or unauthorized alternate accounts may be blocked from editing. Thank you.

Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)


This is a pre-written warning message intended for users who are engaged in sockpuppetry. Before issuing this warning, consider using {{Uw-sock-agf}}, which has softer wording for those who may not be aware that sockpuppetry is a blockable offense.


First, before using this template, read the warning message carefully to make sure that you are using the correct template for the job. If the template doesn't seem quite suited for the current situation, either find another warning template to use, or leave a handwritten message rather than using a template.

If you have decided to use this warning template, edit the user talk page of the user. Create a Level 2 heading with the current month, followed by the current year. If one already exists, do not create a new heading, and instead file all additional warnings under that heading.

If your calendar is broken, here's the current month and year: April 2020. (Update)

If you're using the source editor, here's the wikitext (Update):

==April 2020==

Then, substitute the template. You substitute a template by adding subst: between the initial curly brackets and the template name. For example, to substitute this template, do the following:


If you want to reference a specific page the user edited, you can add the full page title of the the page in question to the first optional parameter. For example, to reference the page Foo:

{{subst:Template:Uw-sock | Foo }}

Do not wikilink; this template will do it for you.

If the template message isn't enough, you can also append an additional optional comment.

{{subst:Template:Uw-sock | Foo | Your custom message here }}

Do not insert characters used in template parameter usage, such as = (equal signs) or | (pipes). This includes URLs, such as the URLs of diffs. Doing so will break the template, and your custom message may not appear. Use Special:Diff to link to diffs, or replace = and | with {{=}} and {{!}}, respectively.

If you want to leave a custom message without linking to a page, do the following:

{{subst:Template:Uw-sock | 2 = Your custom message here}}

You may now save your edit. You do not need to insert your signature, as this template will do it for you.

Complete template code

{{subst:Template:Uw-sock | Full page title of affected page | 2 = Your custom message here}}

Part of the sockpuppetry warning series
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{{Uw-sock-agf}} {{Uw-sock}} N/A N/A N/A
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