There are three templates in The Sims Wiki unblock system - {{Unblock}}, {{Unblock-accepted}}, and {{Unblock-declined}}. These templates are used by blocked users and administrators to request and manage unblock requests.
How it works
When a user is blocked but still has access to their talk page, administrators will usually place a {{Tempblock}} template on their talk page informing them of the block. The boilerplate for the message will tell users that, if they wish to appeal the block, they should add {{Unblock|<reason>}} to their talk page. Once a user has done so, their talk page is immediately added to Category:Requests for unblock, where administrators may see and respond to said requests. Users are permitted to request unblock using this system if:
  1. The user has a block longer than one month
  2. The user has not made any attempt to evade their block or use a sockpuppet account in at least three months
  3. The user was not indefinitely blocked because of an inappropriate username (They should instead create a new account under a more-appropriate name)
  4. The user isn't a sockpuppet account (only the main account may request unblock. All illegitimate sockpuppets are to remain blocked).
  5. The user was not blocked for being underage.
  6. The user has not had their talk page access revoked.
Administrators should then read and evaluate on the following things:
  • The user's unblock reason
  • The user's recent contributions, including their deleted contributions
  • The user's logs, including their block log, page move log, and edit filter log
  • The blocking administrator. Reviewing admins should consult with the blocking administrator about the block, why the block was made, and whether it was justified. This is not required if the blocked user was evidently vandalizing the wiki, or has posted an obviously unacceptable unblock request.
Once everything has been reviewed, administrators may then decide whether the user should be unblocked or not. Any administrator may accept an unblock request.
To accept an unblock request:
  1. Edit the talk page
  2. Enter 'Source' mode (accessible via the two small tabs at the top)
  3. Change "{{Unblock|<user reason here>}}" to "{{Unblock-accepted|<user reason here>|<your reason for accepting the request here>}}", and hit Publish.
  4. Unblock the user.
To decline an unblock request:
  1. Edit the talk page and enter Source mode
  2. Change "{{Unblock|<user reason here>}}" to "{{Unblock-declined|<user reason here>|<your reason for declining the request here>}}"
If a user's unblock request is declined, they should be allowed to make another unblock request, unless they are evidently abusing the system. If their talk page access should be revoked, consider modifying the block settings instead of protecting their talk page.
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