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This template can be used on template documentation pages to demonstrate the usage of a template in wikitext.


The first parameter is the name of the template you wish to demonstrate usage of; all subsequent parameters are used to display the parameters of the template you are demonstrating. This template supports a maximum of ten of these parameters.

Template Result
{{tlx|Template|First parameter}} {{Template|First parameter}}
{{tlx|Template|First parameter|Second parameter}} {{Template|First parameter|Second parameter}}
{{tlx|Template|First parameter|Second parameter|...|Tenth parameter}} {{Template|First parameter|Second parameter|...|Tenth parameter}}

When parameters must contain equal signs, use {{=}} (Do not simply use an equal sign as they will not be shown).

Template Result
{{tlx|Template|First parameter{{=}}something}} {{Template|First parameter=something}}
{{tlx|Template|First parameter{{=}}something|Second parameter{{=}}something}} {{Template|First parameter=something|Second parameter=something}}
{{tlx|Template|First parameter{{=}}something|Second parameter{{=}}something|...|Tenth parameter{{=}}something}} {{Template|First parameter=something|Second parameter=something|...|Tenth parameter=something}}

To display more than ten parameters (If that somehow becomes necessary), use <nowiki></nowiki> tags. You should not use {{=}} in this case.

Template Result
{{tlx|Template|<nowiki>First parameter=something|Second parameter|...|999th}}</nowiki> {{Template|First parameter=something|Second parameter|...|999th}}


This template's code was taken from Template:Tlx on the English Wikipedia.

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