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displays the first parameter (name of relative) followed by an image indicating the type of relationship that relative has with the Sim. This is similar to {{Spouse}}, if the relationship is romantic use it instead.
Adding relationships
To add a relationship all you need to do is upload an image with that name or redirect that page to one that already exists.
Image Relationship
Child Child, Son, Daughter
Adopted Adopted daughter, Adopted sister
Adopted Adopted son, Adopted brother
Adoptive Adoptive, Both Adoptive
Deceased Both Deceased All Deceased Deceased, Both Deceased, All Deceased
Female Female, Sister, Younger sister, Older sister
Half-brother Half-brother
Half-sister Half-sister
Married Married, Step-father, Step-mother
Male Male, Brother, Older brother, Younger brother
Step-son Step-brother, Step-son
Step-daughter Step-sister, Step-daughter
Twin brother Twin brother
Twin sister Twin sister
Fraternal twin Fraternal twin
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