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This template is currently being phased out in favor of {{Infobox pet}}. Please use that template instead.
Name {{{name}}}
Gender {{{sex}}}
Age {{{age}}}
Species {{{species}}}
Breed {{{breed}}}
Owner(s) {{{owner}}}
Progenitors {{{parents}}}
Littermate(s) {{{siblings}}}
Mate(s) {{{mate}}}
Offspring {{{child}}}
Other Information
Game [[{{{game}}}]]
Playability {{{play}}}
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Infobox for pets.
|name     = 
|image    = 
|caption  = 
|sex      = 
|age      = 
|species  = 
|breed    = 
|trait1   = 
|trait2   = 
|trait3   = 
|trait4   = 
|trait5   = 
|owner    = 
|parents  = 
|siblings = 
|mate     = 
|child    = 
|family   = 
|game     = 
|play     = 
|neighbor = 
See also: Template:Newpage Pet


  • name: Name of the Pet.
  • image: [[File:Example.jpg|width]] The image should be no larger than 256px wide. The width may be left out if it is smaller than that.
  • caption: Caption for the image.
  • sex: Male or female
  • species: Dog, Cat or Horse
  • progenitors: Name of the progenitors
  • mate: Name of mate(s)
  • personal or trait1 ... trait5: The personalities of the pet (e.g: Loud, Vocal or Hushed, Hyper/Energetic, Laid back or Lazy, Clever/Genius, Sensible or Doofus, Pigpen or Finicky, Aggressive or Cowardly, Grouchy, Good-natured, or Highly Social, Independent, Compliant or Devoted, Friendly or Independent).
  • child: List of offspring.
  • family: Name of family, i.e.: [[Goth Family]], [[Landgraab Family]], etc.
  • play: Playable, NPC, Deceased, Townie. If more than one applies you will also need to add the respective category markup, i.e.: [[Category:Playable pets]], [[Category:NPCs]], [[Category:Deceased pets]], or [[Category:Townie pets]])
  • neighbor: The neighborhood they exist(ed) in, Family bin or Lots and Houses bin
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