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Determination of Notability Needed
This article may not adhere to The Sims Wiki's Standards on Notability. A determination of notability should be made on the talk page. This article should not be deleted unless a community consensus determines that the article does not meet Notability criteria.
Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

This template is to be used on the top of any article with questionable notability. Notability should be determined based on a consultation of the Notability Policy.

This template categorizes articles into Category:Articles with questionable notability

Syntax and parameters



Use of the template without parameters will present a generalized message. The template has two parameters, both optional.

  • <reason> inputs an additional sentence in which the reason for the notice can be added. The sentence is worded: "Specifically, this article may not be notable because {{{reason}}}"
  • <thread> allows a direct link to the forum thread where the discussion of notability is taking place.
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