Infobox family
Name {{{name}}}
Members {{{members}}}
Number of generations {{{generations}}} generations
Family connections {{{connect}}}
Lot {{{lot}}}
Funds §{{{funds}}}
Net worth §{{{worth}}}
Resources {{{resources}}}
Food {{{food}}}
Difficulty level [[File:Difficulty{{{difficulty}}}.png|{{{difficulty}}} of 6]]
Other information
Game [[{{{game}}}]]
Playability {{{play}}}
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Infobox for a family or household's page.
{{Infobox family|<...>}}.
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{{Infobox family
|name        = 
|image       = 
|caption     = 
|members     = 
|generations = 
|connect     = 
|lot         = 
|funds       = 
|worth       = 
|difficulty  = 
|game        = 
|play        = 
|neighbor    = 
name - The name of the family.
image - The image of the family. Must be in 250px.
caption - The family biography.
members - The playable members of the household.
generations - The number of generations in the family.
connect - Other families they are connected to.
lot - The lot the family lives in.
funds - The total of household funds.
worth - The total of household's net worth.
difficulty - The difficulty of the household in The Sims 3 families.
game - The game the family appears in.
play - The family playability: Playable, Unplayable, Family Bin, Deceased, or Downloadable.
neighbor - The neighborhood the family is playable in.
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