This template is used to display English International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). The pronunciation is broken up into individual phonemes, so they will have tooltip text that can assist the reader in identifying IPA characters. All phonemes from IPA for English are available. For characters not in that set, use {{IPA}} instead.


The |prescript =, |prescript2 =, and |prescript3 = parameters can be used to indicate a pronunciation prescript (e.g., English pronunciation:). The available pronunciation codes are:

Code Aliases Output
lang english English
pron pronunciation pronunciation:
local local
ipa IPA
aus AU
ca CA
ie IE
nz NZ
uk UK
us US
za ZA

All other parameters will be treated as a phoneme. See the table below for a full list of phoneme codes. As well as phonemes, there are some separator codes as well. For example, you can use a keyboard underscore _ for a space between words. Phonemes are underlined, but separators are not, and separators do not have any tooltip text.

This template supports a maximum of 50 phonemes, although more can be added in the future.

Code Aliases Display text Tooltip Type
b b 'b' in 'buy' phoneme
d d 'd' in 'dye' phoneme
(d) optional 'd' phoneme
dj dy, dʲ dj /dj/ 'd' in 'dew' phoneme
ð D, dh ð /ð/ 'th' in 'thy' phoneme
J, dZ, dzh, ʤ /dʒ/ 'j' in 'jam' phoneme
f f 'f' in 'find' phoneme
ɡ g ɡ 'g' in 'guy' phoneme
h h 'h' in 'hi' phoneme
j y j /j/ 'y' in 'yes' phoneme
k k 'k' in 'kind' phoneme
l ɫ l 'l' in 'lie' phoneme
lj ly, lʲ lj /lj/ 'l' in 'lute' phoneme
m m 'm' in 'my' phoneme
n n 'n' in 'no' phoneme
nj ny, nʲ nj /nj/ 'n' in 'new' phoneme
ŋ N, ng ŋ /ŋ/ 'ng' in 'sing' phoneme
ŋg ngg, Ng ŋɡ /ŋɡ/ 'ng' in 'finger' phoneme
θ T, th θ /θ/ 'th' in 'thigh' phoneme
θj thy, thj, θʲ θj /θj/ 'th' in 'enthusiasm' phoneme
p p 'p' in 'pie' phoneme
r ɹ, ɻ r 'r' in 'rye' phoneme
s s 's' in 'sigh' phoneme
sj sy, sʲ sj /sj/ 's' in 'suit' phoneme
ʃ S, sh ʃ /ʃ/ 'sh' in 'shy' phoneme
t t 't' in 'tie' phoneme
(t) optional 't' phoneme
tj ty, tʲ tj /tj/ 't' in 'tune' phoneme
C, ch, tS, ʧ /tʃ/ 'ch' in 'china' phoneme
v v 'v' in 'vie' phoneme
w w 'w' in 'wind' phoneme
hw ʍ, wh hw /hw/ 'wh' in 'why' phoneme
z z 'z' in 'Zion' phoneme
zj zy, zʲ zj /zj/ 'z' in 'Zeus' phoneme
ʒ Z, zh ʒ /ʒ/ 's' in 'pleasure' phoneme
x kh x /x/ 'ch' in 'loch' phoneme
ʔ ? ʔ /ʔ/ the catch in 'uh-oh' phoneme
ɑː A:, ah, aa, ɑ:, ä, â ɑː /ɑː/ 'a' in 'father' phoneme
ɑr ar, ɑɹ, är, âr, aːr, a:r, ɑ:r, ɑːr ɑr /ɑr/ 'ar' in 'bard' phoneme
ɒ Q, ŏ ɒ /ɒ/ short 'o' in 'body' phoneme
ɒː Q: ɒː /ɒː/ 'o' in 'coffee' phoneme
ɒ̃ ɑ̃, ɒ~, ɑ~, ã, a~, Q~ ɒ̃ /ɒ̃/ nasal 'an' in 'vin blanc' phoneme
ɒr ŏr, Qr ɒr /ɒr/ 'or' in 'moral' phoneme
æ ae, &, {, }, ă æ /æ/ short 'a' in 'bad' phoneme
a: /aː/ 'a' in 'bath' phoneme
ai, aI, ye, eye, ī /aɪ/ long 'i' in 'tide' phoneme
aɪər aɪr, aIr, īr, aɪə, yr aɪər /aɪər/ 'ire' in 'fire' phoneme
au, aU, ow /aʊ/ 'ou' in 'pout' phoneme
aʊər aʊr, aUr, aʊə, aur aʊər /aʊər/ 'our' in 'hour' phoneme
ɛ E, ĕ ɛ /ɛ/ short 'e' in 'bed' phoneme
ɛr Er, ĕr, err ɛr /ɛr/ 'err' in 'merry' phoneme
ei, eI, ay, ā, eː, e: /eɪ/ long 'a' in 'base' phoneme
ær aer, &r, æɹ, ăr, arr ær /ær/ 'arr' in 'marry' phoneme
ɛər eir, eIr, e@r, E@r, air, ɛɪɹ, eɪr, eːr, e:r, ɛəɹ, ār, ɛə ɛər /ɛər/ 'are' in 'bare' phoneme
ɪ I, ĭ ɪ /ɪ/ short 'i' in 'bid' phoneme
ɪr ĭr, irr ɪr /ɪr/ 'irr' in 'mirror' phoneme
i:, ee, ē /iː/ long 'e' in 'bead' phoneme
ɪər i:r, iːr, I@r, i@r, eer, ɪəɹ, iːɹ, ēr, ɪə ɪər /ɪər/ 'ear' in 'beard' phoneme
(i), (ɪ) /ⁱ/ optional 'i' in 'nasturtium' phoneme
(ə), (@) /ᵊ/ optional 'ə' in 'jewelry' phoneme
ʲ (j), (y), ʸ ʲ /ʲ/ optional 'j' in 'Lucas' phoneme
ɔː O, O:, aw, ɔ:, ô ɔː /ɔː/ 'au' in 'fraud' phoneme
ɔr Or, awr, ɔɹ, ôr, ɔ(r) ɔr /ɔr/ 'or' in 'born' phoneme
ɔɪ oj, ɔj, oi, oɪ, ɔi, OI, oy ɔɪ /ɔɪ/ 'oy' in 'boy' phoneme
ɔɪər ɔɪr, oyr, ɔɪə ɔɪər /ɔɪər/ 'oir' in 'loir' (rare) phoneme
o:, oː, ou, oU, @u, @U, oh, oe, əʊ, əu, ɔʊ, ɔu, ō /oʊ/ long 'o' in 'code' phoneme
ɔər oUr, ohr, ɔəɹ, ɔʊɹ, oʊɹ, oʊr, oːr, o:r, ōr, ɔə, ɔə(r) ɔər /ɔər/ 'ore' in 'bore' phoneme
ʊ U, uu, ŏŏ ʊ /ʊ/ short 'oo' in 'foot' phoneme
ʊr uur, Ur, ŏŏr ʊr /ʊr/ 'our' in 'courier' phoneme
u:, oo, ōō /uː/ long 'oo' in 'food' phoneme
ʊər u:r, uːr, u@r, U@r, oor, ʊəɹ, ōōr, ʊə ʊər /ʊər/ 'our' in 'tour' phoneme
juː ju:, yu:, yew, ew, ū, yoo juː /juː/ long 'u' in 'cute' phoneme
jʊər ūr, yoor, ju:r, juːr, jʊə jʊər /jʊər/ 'ure' in 'cure' phoneme
ʌ V, ŭ ʌ /ʌ/ short 'u' in 'bud' phoneme
ʌr urr, Vr, ʌɹ, ŭr ʌr /ʌr/ 'urr' in 'hurry' phoneme
ɜr 3, 3:, ɝː, ɝ, ɜː, ɜ:, ɜ, 3r, 3:r, @:r, @:, ɜɹ, ûr, ɜ(r) ɜr /ɜr/ 'ir' in 'bird' phoneme
ə schwa, @ ə /ə/ 'a' in 'about' phoneme
ər ɚ, @r, əɹ, ə(r) ər /ər/ 'er' in 'finger' phoneme
ən @n, ᵊn, n̩ ən /ən/ 'on' in 'button' phoneme
ɵ o, o-, ou-, oʊ- ɵ /ɵ/ variable 1st 'o' in 'omission' phoneme
əm @m, ᵊm, m̩ əm /əm/ 'm' in 'rhythm' phoneme
ɨ ɪ, i-, I-, ɪ- ɨ /ɨ/ 'e' in 'roses' phoneme
ʉ ʊ, u-, U-, ʊ- ʉ /ʉ/ variable 2nd 'u' in 'beautiful' phoneme
jʊ, yʊ, ju-, yu-, jU-, yU-, jʊ- /jʉ/ variable 2nd 'u' in 'curriculum' phoneme
əl @l, ᵊl, əɫ, l̩ əl /əl/ 'le' in 'bottle' phoneme
i i /i/ 'y' in 'happy' phoneme
u u /u/ 'oo' in 'bedroom' phoneme
ˈ ' ˈ /ˈ/ primary stress follows phoneme
ˌ , ˌ /ˌ/ secondary stress follows phoneme
. · . /./ syllable break phoneme
- - /-/ affix phoneme
,_ , separator
_ separator
and / & / separator
... ... separator

An audio pronunciation can be included with the template. Use the |audio = and |audio-url = parameters to add an audio pronunciation. The |audio = parameter is the name of the file, including the "File:" namespace prefix, excluding the square brackets. For example:


The following is not correct:



|audio-url = is the direct URL to the file itself, skipping the intermediary of the file page. To find this URL, go to the file page and click the raw name of the file just under the audio file player. Only the OGG file should be visible on screen. Copy and paste the URL of that page into this parameter. You may remove the "?cb=<numbers here>" part of the URL, since it is not needed.

Help page link

An optional parameter, help, can be used to specify whether the template should display a link to Wikipedia:Help:IPA for English. If set to "yes", it will display a link; otherwise it will simply not be shown.

Unsupported inputs

If a character is added to the template that is not in the IPA for English key, the template will instead display an error message, indicating which character(s) is/are unsupported.


This is a non-Lua version of the template of the same name on the English Wikipedia. In addition, much of this documentation was taken from that template.

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