Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
determines the category of appearance parameters. Used in {{Sim}}.
{{GetAppearanceCat|<appearance category>|<appearance value>}}

Hair Eyes Skin Body

Black -> Category:Black-haired Sims

Brown, Light Brown or Dark Brown -> Category:Brown-haired Sims

Light Blond, Light Blonde, Blond or Blonde -> Category:Blond-haired Sims

Red, Orange -> Category:Red-haired Sims

Grey, Gray, Greying or Graying -> Category:Grey-haired Sims

Bald -> Category:Bald Sims

Brown, Dark Brown, or Dark -> Category:Brown-eyed Sims

Light Blue, Dark Blue or Blue -> Category:Blue-eyed Sims

Green -> Category:Green-eyed Sims

Grey or Gray -> Category:Grey-eyed Sims

Black -> Category:Black-eyed Sims

Hazel -> Category:Hazel-eyed Sims

Red -> Category:Red-eyed Sims

Yellow -> Category:Yellow-eyed Sims

Pale, Fair, Light or Lightest -> Category:Light-skinned Sims

Tan, Tanned -> Category:Tan-skinned Sims

Medium -> Category:Medium-skinned Sims

Dark or Darkest -> Category:Dark-skinned Sims

Green -> Category:Green-skinned Sims

Blue -> Category:Blue-skinned Sims

Thin, Slim, Slender or Skinny -> Category:Thin Sims

Fat or Obese -> Category:Fat Sims

Fit -> Category:Fit Sims

Muscular -> Category:Muscular Sims

  1. Any other values will place Sims in Category:Sims with unusual eye color, Category:Sims with unusual skin color, or Category:Sims with colored hair
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