This is a fanon disambiguation page for Fanon disambig. The Sims Wiki has several fanon pages related to this name:

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To create a fanon page for this subject, create a new page and name it "Fanon:Fanon disambig (your user name)". Then, feel free to add the page to this list.
Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Used to link to multiple fanon pages based around the same canon Sim, family, neighborhood, or other element. By custom, multiple fanon pages about the same canon topic usually include the page owner's username at the end of the page name, in parentheses. To list them on the template, the full page name and brackets need to be included.

The template currently accommodates ten unique article titles.

{{Fanon disambig
|[[Fanon:<article name> (<first user name>)]]
|[[Fanon:<article name> (<second user name>)]]

Repeat this as necessary, for up to ten unique names.

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