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You can discuss this nomination by following this link. If the discussion page does not exist yet, you can create it by using the "Start a deletion discussion" box on The Sims Wiki:Pages for deletion.
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This template is used to mark pages for deletion. Pages will be deleted after a deletion discussion has taken place and consensus exists for the deletion.

Pages that this template is added to will automatically be included in Category:Candidates for deletion.

If a page should be deleted immediately, use {{speedydelete}} instead.


Add {{Delete|<reason>}}, replacing "reason" with the reason why you think the page should be deleted.

Afterwards, go to The Sims Wiki:Pages for deletion § Nominating a page for deletion and enter the name of the page you are nominating for deletion (case sensitive) into the text box, and then click "Start a deletion discussion". If the page already exists, simply add a number next to it, incrementing upwards by one. For example, The Sims Wiki:Pages for deletion/Bella Goth 2 would be used if The Sims Wiki:Pages for deletion/Bella Goth already exists, and The Sims Wiki:Pages for deletion/Bella Goth 3 after that. Add a more descriptive explanation as to why you think the page should be deleted, and Publish the page.

If you added a number to the deletion discussion page, specify the new subpage name in the second parameter of the {{Delete}} template. For example, {{Delete|reason|Bella Goth 2}} in the above example.

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