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User Position Aliases Promotion date Country Current status
DanPin (talk) HalfOp D, Danny &2016-07-15July 15, 2016 &PortugalFlag portugal Portugal Inactive
K6ka (talk) Contact k6ka, Eggnog, k, Czar_Hey &2016-04-24April 24, 2016 &CanadaFlag canada Canada Active
MrBenC (talk) Founder Ben, MrC &2016-04-15April 15, 2016 &United StatesFlag united states america United States Active
Xd1358 (talk) Op ecks, ex &2016-04-25April 25, 2016 &FinlandFlag finland Finland Active
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A list of IRC channel operators on the ChatLounge channel.

Current status Meaning/criteria
Active This operator is active on the IRC channel and may frequent it daily or every few days.
Semi-Active This operator is somewhat active on the channel, but generally joins a few times a week. Their activity can be variable.
Absent This operator has declared themselves to be absent from the channel. Absent operators may still join the channel, but will often not do so for weeks at a time. Long-time absent operators are eventually tagged as 'inactive.'
Inactive This operator has not joined the IRC channel for an extended period of time. Inactive operators will not be around to answer queries on the channel until they return to regular activity.


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