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Sims2 television
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §85-§7,999 [TS1]
§500-§10,000 [TS2]
§200-§20,000 [TS3]
§275-§9,999 [TS4]
Object type(s) Electronics

Televisions are electronics objects that appeared in most Sims games. Televisions are used primarily as a means to increase a Sim's fun motive; however, starting with The Sims 2, Sims can watch it to improve certains skill (each from corresponding channel). Sims will generally sit down (if there are any seats) to watch TV, which replenishes their comfort. Several Sims can watch television together and improve their relationship while gaining social.

The SimsEdit

Game The Sims
Buyability Buy mode
Object type(s) Electronics
Televisions in The Sims are rather simplistic. Watching television can only be used to increase Sims' fun motive and give them a chance to socialize. All television sets are functionally identical to one another, though the more expensive models boost the Room score. Also, because of the way object graphics work in The Sims, each channel displays a set of static images with the background sound rather than animated clips or video.

Television SetsEdit

Object name Game Buyability Price Size Description Notes
Monochrome TV
Monochrome TV
The Sims Buy mode §85 1x1 There's something to be said for watching TV and movies in Black and white. Who wants high definition, high fidelity and high costs when Sims can get a little entertainment at a low, low, low price! Fun: 2
Trottco 27" Color Television B94U
Trottco 27 Color Television B94U
The Sims Buy mode §500 1x1 Whether you need a total distraction and some entertainment in the kitchen, the bedroom, or the family room, the B94U television set from Trottco is a solid choice. Auto-tuning. Channel Recall. Hair Filter. Sharpness. Three A/V Inputs visible. Static-Video Input. Audio Output. Permanent Channel Setting. Bass and Treble Sounds. TV Stand. Vents. Fun: 4
Soma Plasma TV
Soma Plasma TV
The Sims Buy mode §3,500 2x1 Perfect focus... Perfect image uniformity... Perfect entertainment. Soma Consumer Electronics takes the "plasma phenomenon" to a brave new level in this elegant technology statement. With it's [sic] incredible image quality, unique form and super thin, Flatuospective screen, the Soma Plasma TV is the undisputed leader in nanopixel technology. Fun: 6

Room: 2

Wall-Mounted TV
The Sims: Superstar Buy mode §7,999 2x1 wall Originally envisioned as a revolution in the space-saving industry, the wall mounted TV is now a highly sought after commodity simply due to its massive "coolness" factor. It is estimated that households with this large wall-mounted TV are at least 3 times as cool as those without. So what are you waiting for? Be cool, and get one today. Fun: 8

Room: 4


All the television sets included in The Sims base game are functionally identical, thus they all receive the same TV channels. These are:

  • Cartoons
  • Action
  • Romance
  • Horror

However, with the release of Superstar four new channels were added, and are only available on lots with a satellite dish. The new channels were:

  • Sports
  • News
  • Entertainment
  • Animals


  • Which channel(s) a Sim will enjoy the most depends on his or her personality. For example, a playful Sim will like watching cartoons, while a mean Sim will like watching horror.
  • Installing Superstar will update the base game televisions so that they can receive the new channels included in that expansion pack. However, these channels may not be available on custom televisions, even if Superstar is installed.
  • In The Sims, Sims cannot build skills by watching or repairing televisions, nor can they work out in front of one.
  • Sometime in the lifecycle of The Sims, an image of a man and a house found on the cartoons channel was replaced with a white anthropomorphic cat with anime-looking eyes.[confirmation needed]

The Sims 2Edit

Game The Sims 2
Buyability Buy mode
Object type(s) Electronics
Televisions in The Sims 2 are slightly more complex than in The Sims. In addition to boosting the fun motive and giving Sims a chance to socialize, they also allow Sims to improve certain skills. Also, unlike in The Sims, televisions actually use video and not just static images. However, as in The Sims, television sets are functionally identical to one another, and more expensive models improve a room's environment score.

Sims will generally sit down to watch TV, unless there are no available seats left. If the boolProp allow45DegreeAngleOfRotation true cheat is used to place seats or the TV diagonally, however, Sims will ignore the seats and stand up to watch TV. They will also ignore seats that are placed perpendicular to the TV screen, even if they are realistically able to see it from that angle. A mod is available that fixes this behavior.

If a video game console is placed near a television set (usually within two tiles of it), a video game can be played on the TV. Other Sims will be able to watch or join in.

Television SetsEdit

Object name Game Price Size Description Notes
Trottco 27" MultiVid IV Television
Trottco 27 iv
The Sims 2 §500 1x1 Keep yourself entertained with this 27" television from Trottco. The picture-perfect tube broadcasts ReelColor images. Sonorous multi-channel audio charms, captivates, and dazzles any Sim. Comes with multiple A/V and gaming inputs. Who needs to go anywhere else when you've got Trottco? Fun: 6
Soma 44" PancakeTek Television
Soma 44 PancakeTek Television
The Sims 2 §3,500 1x2 This 44" television delivers multiple channels of high-fidelity, flat-panel clarity unparalleled by tube based televisions, and its digital pre-processing unit features the innovative PancakeTek chipset, which squishes the unpalatable three dimensions of the real world into far more digestible two. Fun: 8

Room: 3

Soma "Wall-Eye" Large Screen Flat-Panel Television
The Sims 2 §8,000 1x2 wall Enjoy hours of room-filling entertainment watching your favorite off-the-wall television shows right on the wall! The Wall-Eye's flat panel screen renders every pixel sharp and clear for a rich, vibrant display that's so realistic, it's been described as a window to the world. Fun: 10

Room: 7

Unlike other televisions, there has been witness for the Wall-Eye TV having a risk to fall down and break upon use.[1][2][3]

SwingarmCo 27" MultiVid V Television
Swingarmco 27 v
The Sims 2: Nightlife §750 1x1 wall We at SwingarmCo would like to take this opportunity to express our most sincere dedication to the task of determining the validity of many of our customers complaints that we "borrowed" the Trottco model and simply added a swing arm to it. We would like to point out to all our customers that the SwingarmCo Mutivid V Television is nothing like the Trottco Multivid IV Television. The Trottco is a floor model. The SwingarmCo is definitely not a floor model. What more do you need? Fun: 7

Room: 3

Futur-Vu by Vidioblast
Fatur-Vu by Vidioblast
The Sims 2: Pets §800 1x1 Relive the glory days of TV's infancy while you watch your favorite shows of today. The Futur-Vu uses real lead-lined CRT technology to provide a delightfully distorted picture in a package so heavy you'll probably need surgery if you ever decide to try and lift it. Vidioblast is not responsible for retinal damage caused by sitting too close to the screen. Fun: 7

Room: 3

Stationary Concierge by Splendid Scenes
Stationary Concierge by Splendid Scenes
The Sims 2: Bon Voyage §1,200 1x1 Entertainment for your guests is both easy and elegant with the Stationary Concierge by Splendid Scenes. The Hutch is hand-painted and carved to match one of several themes and is crafted of the finest woods. Splendid Scenes - for all your home and commercial needs. (All-purpose TV remote included.) Fun: 7

Room: 3

The Television Television
The Television Television
The Sims 2: Teen Style Stuff §1,800 1x1 The Television Television will be the centerpiece in any room it goes in. With included entertainment center, upscaling DVD player, stereo speakers, and 1280 resolution, this HDTV will rock any entertainment lover's world. Combine that with the compact size of the entire unit and the razor thin flat-screen display and you've got yourself a yummy little package. Fun: 8

Room: 3

The Tube in Wood-Paneling
The Tube in Wood-Paneling
The Sims 2: FreeTime §800 1x2 When you're feeling the need to escape into days gone by, there's no better way then to plant yourself in front of a The Tube in Wood-Paneling. When this television is on, the whole world reverts back to childhood and simpler times. Fun: 7

Room: 3

Centerpiece Entertainment Suite
Ts2 centerpiece entertainment suite
The Sims 2: FreeTime §2,600 1x2 A centerpiece of any room, this entertainment center not only stylishly frames the television, it also provides room to place books, busts, and other decorations around its borders. With cabinets for media (or anything else) storage and a sturdy wooden design, the Centerpiece Entertainment Suite garners attention for all the right reasons. Fun: 8

Room: 3

EXPEDIT TV Storage Unit
EXPEDIT TV Storage Unit
The Sims 2: IKEA Home Stuff §834 1x2 Once more the shout came up from the design den. "Not enough boxes!" screamed IKEA. "This TV unit needs more boxes!" In the end, IKEA would get its glorious wish - a television surrounded by storage boxes. Did they go too far? Or not far enough? Fun: 7

Room: 3

Smitty Classy's TV Shrine
Smitty Classy's TV Shrine
The Sims 2: Apartment Life §2,350 1x2 Does your TV stand really match your TV's personality? Is it strong, rugged, and all about sports? Or is it some wimpy table that your mommy gave you for your birthday? Get something to really match your TV viewing habits, and wow all your friends with its presence and power. Fun: 8

Room: 3

GiganTek Home Theater Television
GiganTek HomeTheaterTelevision Sims2
The Sims 2: Apartment Life §10,000 3x1 You won't miss your favorite TV shows with this beauty. The image resolution and color sharpness will keep you and your loved ones enthralled with the enormous size of little bugs on science TV shows Fun: 10

Environment: 8




Base Game
  • Sims Broadcasting Network (SBN): Local Channel mainly for Adults. Watching this channel builds enthusiasm for the Film and Literature hobby. The programs are:
    • The Pleasant family drama at 113 Wright Way in Pleasantview, although that is not their house.
    • A show, probably meant to be a soap opera, set in a hospital, which shows doctors kissing and operating. This is similar to the popular soap opera General Hospital.
    • Talk show about celebrities.
    • What appears to be a Simlish version of "Survivor".
    • News reports appear frequently and include the sounds "Glarn", which may be the name of the reporter in the field, and "Sophie Kanarf", which may be the presenter's name. News reports include a fire, a political speech, and helicopter reporting over a city. The helicopter reports seem to show the destruction sequences from KidzTube.

A Sim watching "KidzTube"

  • KidzTube: Children's Channel for Kids. Children who watch this channel will gain Fun very quickly. Watching this channel builds enthusiasm for the Film and Literature hobby. The programs are:
    • A giant Servo from The Sims destroying a city from SimCity 4.
    • Another program shows a UFO destroying a city.
    • A super team rescuing their comrades from the evil team.
    • Social Bunnies entertaining children.
    • A grouchy elderly man kicking garden gnomes and flamingos, in which the gnomes and flamingos seek—and apparently get—revenge, as the program finishes with an image of a gravestone with a flamingo and a gnome beside it.
  • SimStation Dance: Music Channel mainly for Teens. Watching this channel builds enthusiasm for the Music and Dance hobby. The programs are:
    • A man who rents 3 hula dancers and tries to flirt with them, but always fails. His attempts to make them happy includes flirting, dancing together, and dancing to Shicka Zicka Soom.
    • A group of women dancing together, pretending they are inside a night club.
    • A gothic girl and a boy. The girl's mom recently died and the boy shows no respect towards it, such as him kicking the grave and other things. Later on, the girl gets outraged and attacks the boy.
    • A group of three men jumping on the couch listening to heavy metal.
    • A woman playing the piano to "Smoove" during the season changes.
  • The Yummy Channel: Cooking channel mainly for Elders. Watching this channel builds enthusiasm for the Cuisine hobby. Sims gain cooking skill from watching. The logo for the Yummy Channel is an outline of a globe, topped by a chef's hat. The programs are:
    • A cooking challenge which resembles Iron Chef, the show stops after the contender's kitchen catches on fire.
    • What appears to be Isabella Monty cooking a Baked Alaska. In the end, it catches on fire and burns Isabella to her death.
    • A barbecue cooking show with an old man who apparently has an outside kitchen. He grills and burns hot dogs, whereafter he takes a nap at a recliner near the kitchen until the evening.
  • SimStation Sports Channel mainly for young adults. It uses the football news report from Sims Broadcasting Network. Watching this channel builds enthusiasm for the Sports hobby.
  • New SBN commercials which include pets.
  • The Weather Station: Gives a pop-up message forecasting the weather for the upcoming hours, although the weatherman mostly utters something completely unrelated instead. Watching this channel builds enthusiasm for the Science hobby.
  • New commercials which show seasonal activities.


  • With The Sims 2: Pets, dogs and cats may watch TV, and dogs may also bark at one. They may also watch a video game in-progress, if it is played on the TV.
  • Sometimes, what appears to be a promo for a program on one channel will appear on another channel.
  • With FreeTime, the television can be used to build enthusiasm in the Cuisine, Sports, Film and Literature, Music and Dance, Science, Tinkering, and Fitness hobbies. With a video game system it can also build Games enthusiasm.
  • If FreeTime is installed, the EXPEDIT TV Storage Unit from IKEA Home Stuff and The Television Television from Teen Style Stuff will lack the "Watch Movie" and "Tinker" options. If Apartment Life or Mansion & Garden Stuff is installed, the player can install this mod to re-enable those functions - otherwise, they should download this.[Teen Style Stuff] and this[IKEA]
  • Some of the "commercials" include:
    • An advertisment for the "Colonial ComboCleen by Imperial Plumbing Works".
    • An advertisment for the delivery pizza, featuring the Pleasant family.
    • Various references to shows on other channels.

The Sims 3Edit

Television SetsEdit


The number of channels depends on the television, for example, the Old Timey Tele has 3 out of 7 channels, but the 36" HiFi Plasmondo TV from Landgraab Industries has all 7 channels. With Seasons, the weather channel will be added to all TVs. All channels use The Sims 2 game as the model.

Basic (Old Timey Tele / Zeemuth Television Set / Retro-tastic TV / Have-It-All Entertainment Center)

  • KidZ Zone: Shows a show featuring costumed characters like the Social Bunny and rival university mascot playing. There is also a ballerina and other characters all doing the smustle. They each get a close up.
  • Romantic Rendezvous: Shows a black and white romance movie and a wedding from part of the trailer for The Sims 2: Celebration! Stuff.
  • Sports Universe: Shows a sports commentary program about football and winter sports and a news reporter freezing to death.
  • Action World: Shows a superhero film (an edited version of the videoclip "Datarock - Fa Fa Fa" for The Sims 2 Free Time) and a movie about Jessica Knight (from the trailer of The Sims Castaway Stories).
  • Weather[TS3:S]: Shows a news channel about the weather.

Basic Plus (Channel Troller 27" Deluxe TV / Mastodon Television by Standard Issue)

  • Terror TV: Shows a vampire movie and a stalker film (with a twist ending). Coward, Over-Emotional or Neurotic Sims will become scared for several hours if they watch this channel.
  • Cookin' Cable: Shows a parody of Iron Chef and a cooking show with a chef who's manner of speaking resembles the Swedish Chef. This show uses music from The Sims: Unleashed. The chef could be a The Sims 2 version of Chet R. Chase. Watching this channel will increase a sim's Cooking skill, but only if the sim watching has already gained at least one level in Cooking prior to this.
  • Got Garden: Shows a movie of a woman making flower bouquets and, later on, being eaten by a cowplant, it increases the Gardening skill.

Premium (ÜberVison Panoramic from Landgraab Industries)

  • Fishing Fracas: Shows a duo of fishermen (one clearly better than the other) fishing in a lake in a forest.
  • Halls of History: Shows a variety of elderly Sims discussing an authoritarian society from SimCity Societies.

High Definition (36" HiFi Plasmondo TV from Landgraab Industries / WallVuu Standard TV / Artscreen TV / The Baronet's Fiefdom TV / The Glass SlipperVision Television / Hang Anywhere Crystal TV / The Imperial Viewing Screen / FormFunk T-Object / MedeaMedia Wall TV / PlasmaTron TV and the Super Sim Television DLX[Store])

  • Super Shopping Network: A shopping channel where a variety of products are sold, however Sims can't buy anything.


  • When any TV is broken, they can still be turned on, but it will display static, looking like there is no signal on the channel, or on the cheaper TV's, an interference pattern.
  • The holographic TV introduced in Into the Future is different than other televisions. Sims do not use a remote controller to control the TV. Instead, they talk and use their hand gestures. If Seasons is installed, players can also see the current weather condition no matter which channel is on. The holographic TV also does not require a gaming set to play video games on it.

The Sims 4Edit

Television SetsEdit

Expansion Image Name Price Size/Location Fun Reliability Notes
TS4 Icon
PenguinVision Children's Television Set §275 1x1

Countertop, Table, Dresser

4 3 Builds Comedy Skill
TS4 Icon
Been There, Watched That TV §500 1x1

Countertop, Table, Dresser

5 3
TS4 Icon
Trusty Companion TV §995 1x1

Countertop, Table, Dresser

5 5
TS4 Icon
InstaView Flat Panel TV §1,475 1x1

Countertop, Table, Dresser

6 5
TS4 Icon
InvisiView Flat Panel Tabletop TV §2,500 2x1

Floor, Coffee Table, TV Stand

7 8
TS4 Icon
InvisiView Flat-Screen HDTV §2,600 2x1


7 8
TS4 Icon
GeniusVision Flat Screen Television §3,400 2x1

Floor, Coffee Table, TV Stand

8 8
TS4 Icon
GeniusVision Wall-Mount HDTV §3,500 2x1


8 8
TS4 Icon
PlasmaTron 3000 Flat Screen TV §8,500 3x2


8 Unbreakable Focusing Decor: 9

Unlocked at Tech Guru (Start-up Branch) Level 10

SpaceKeeper Mountable TV §1,920 1x1


6 5
TS4 City Living Icon
HDCurV Anti-Flat Screen Television §4,200 3x2


9 9
TS4 EP6 GF Icon
Monolith Wall TV §9,999 4x2


9 9
Projectotron Outdoor Movie Screen §2,500 6x1


7 8
Projectotron Indoor Movie Screen §2,500 6x3


7 8
TS4 SP16 Tiny Living Icon
Media Marathoner All-on-the-Wall §2,260 1x1


2 5
TS4 SP16 Tiny Living Icon
Media Marathoner §2,890 2x1


2 5


Televisions in The Sims 4 have 9 pre-made channels, which have footage created using The Sims 3, similar to how The Sims 3 itself used The Sims 2 for footage. This isn't the case with the weather forecast channel and the unique New Year's Eve channel from Seasons, which uses footage from The Sims 4. Watching TV can be used to build skills or evoke emotional moodlets.

Base Game

  • Cooking Channel: Watching it raises the Cooking skill, and Foodie Sims will gain Inspired +1 from watching it for long enough.
    • Top Chef: A parody on Iron Chef, a Japanese cooking show. Similar to it, the 2 chefs fighting are of the Asian ethnicity and cook to compete for the winning place.
    • Cooking Show: A cooking show where an elder woman shows the recipe for cooking chicken, and then cooks it.
  • Action: Watching it raises Fun.
    • A parody on the Indiana Jones movies, which tells the story of an adventurer that ventures in a pyramid, then has to escape multiple traps. Afterwards, he is saved from a close call by a female, but then a mummy comes out and they both scream in fear. The movie ends on that note.
    • Drav Lord: A movie about a martial arts master that wants to acquire a treasure, and then sneaks into the palace with it at night. She is then caught by the guard, and they fight for it. While the fight is going on, another fighter runs off with the treasure.
    • Wolf Guy: The Living.
    • The Fighterman.
  • Comedy: It raises Fun quicker than most channels, and raises the Comedy skill. Watching it for long enough grants a Playful +1 Moodlet.
    • Corah: A stand-up comedian tries to tell jokes, but most of them fall flat. He then leaves the scene.
    • The Tonight Show with Tony Clifton: A parody of The Tonight Show, a talk show between the host and a female guest.
  • Romance: It raises Fun (faster for Romantic Sims), and watching it for long enough grants a Flirty +1 Moodlet.
    • A movie based in the Chateau du Landgraab, a rich aristocratic family looks as their son leaves to marry the maid of their house, but gets in an accident midway. Several scenes of the engaged's family are then shown. It could be based on Downton Abbey, since some characters look similar.
    • A movie about a doctor with a patient that is bound to die from a heart problem, but gets saved by a miracle during the operation. In the end, the patient's wife kisses the doctor, what possibly induced a cardiac stop in the patient. This could be based on Grey's Anatomy, given it is a romantic drama and the theme and apostrophe in the title are similar.
  • News: It simply raises Fun, just like Action. This is the only channel which Snob Sims will not get bored by. The name is basically translated into, Sims.
    • A report from a protest, where a fight began during a misunderstanding.
    • A report from a fire spot that started recently and is controlled by the firemen.
    • A report of a meteor shower at an unknown beach.
    • A report of aliens attacking a city, which ends by the camera turning off, the female reporter freaking out, then kissing the male reporter before an interruption.
  • Sports: It raises Fun (faster for Active Sims), and Sims with the Bro trait gain a Confident +1 Moodlet from watching it. The program shown on this channel is similar to SportsCenter, and consists of highlights of the following events:
    • An association football game in which one team scores a goal before the next sequence.
    • A trainer talking about her skating trainee, probably telling how good she is and making a hubris of herself.
    • A basketball match, in which a player tries to dunk into the basket but fails. The other player fails the throw too, possibly resulting in a tie.
    • A ping-pong match.
    • A snow surfing contest, in which Sims skate on snow-covered skate ramps.
  • Kids Network: It raises Fun for Children and Sims with the Childish Trait; the latter earn a Playful +1 Moodlet after watching for long enough. This is the default channel for toddlers.
    • KFun Sho: A bunch of mascots singing. Mascots include a hotdog, a shark, a skeleton, a bee and a dinosaur.
  • Fireplace Channel: As the name implies, it simply shows a fireplace. Only unlocked after the TV Upgrade. Its only use is to help to solve Tense moodlets and provide Fun, albeit at a slower rate.
  • Music TV: Unlocked after the TV Upgrade, this channel mainly shows music clips. It provides Fun and Sims with the Music Lover trait can get Inspired from watching it.

Get to Work

  • !#*%&$@%: Unlocked as an alien, or with an upgraded satellite dish. It portrays aliens being attacked by Sims, a family sitcom, a flying superhero stunt that ends with one of the aliens crashing, and a lobster cooking show.

Kids Room Stuff

  • BEtween: Features a cartoon based on MySims Agents as well as other shows for more mature kids. Children watching the channel gain a +1 Happy moodlet.

City Living

  • Civic Public Access: Can grant the "Public Access Weirdness" moodlet, which gives +1 Playful.
  • PolitiSim: Broadcasts political debates and campaigns.
  • World Culture Network: Features documentaries about Champs Les Sims, Al Simhara and Shang Simla.

Vintage Glamour Stuff

  • TV Classics: Shows old black and white TV shows and soap operas.


  • Weather Forecast: One of the two only channels so far that uses footage of The Sims 4. It features a man reporting in winter conditions before being hit by a snowball, followed by a woman reporting in summer conditions who is distracted by a shirtless man who resembles Sebastian Santos.
  • New Year's Eve: One of the two only channels so far that uses footage of The Sims 4. This channel can only be watched during a holiday that has the "Countdown to Midnight" tradition. When added to custom holidays, the channel name will change to match the name of the holiday.


Movie Hangout Stuff introduces ten movies that can be watched on any television set. Like most other channels, they use footage from The Sims 3.

  • College Cram: A raunchy school comedy.
  • Diamonds are for Sims: A heist thriller.
  • Lost Dog's Journey Home: A "lost pet" movie a la Homeward Bound.
  • Moonlight Massacre III: Based on the Teen Horror genre (e.g. Scream).
  • Roaring Vice: Based on the Film Noir genre.
  • Simder: A supernatural romance.
  • Sims of the Dead: A zombie flick a la Night of the Living Dead.
  • SuperKids: Cortex Catastrophe: A kid-friendly action thriller a la Spy Kids.
  • The Adventures of Spaceship Simulation: A Space Opera.
  • The Khlumzee Sisters: A black-and-white slapstick comedy based on films from the Silver Screen days.


Fitness Stuff allows Sims to work out in front of TVs, building their fitness skill. Workout videos use footage from The Sims 4 and are meant to synchronize with the exercising Sims.

  • Plumboomba Dance Video: A dance exercise routine
  • Power Sculpting Video: A high-intensity workout video.

The Urbz: Sims in The CityEdit

The Television appears in the Urbz. There are three channels that show various static images. The channels are UTV, Reality and Gearheads.

Television SetsEdit

Scrounged TVEdit

Scrounged TV
Game The Urbz: Sims in The City
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §500
Object type(s) Electronics

One of the benefits of 1st World living is the high trash quality. Perfectly functional electronics are tossed just because they are out of style! Just pick 'em up and plug 'em in! TV for practically free! Now THAT'S livin'!

Price: §500
Fun: 3

It can be bought at Gasoline Row.

Boob TubeEdit

Boob Tube
Game The Urbz: Sims in The City
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §700
Object type(s) Electronics

"Boob tube? I keep turnin' the channels and I ain't seen any boobs yet. Are boobs only on cable? What's the deal? Is it a late night show or sumpthin'?"

Price: §700
Fun: 4

It can be bought in Kicktail Park.

Excesutive Plasma TV Plasma TVEdit

Excesutive Plasma TV Plasma TV
Game The Urbz: Sims in The City
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §4,000
Object type(s) Electronics

Perfect focus. Perfect images. Perfect entertainment. Excesutive Consumer Electronics takes the "plasma phenom" to a brave new level in this pricey technology statement. With its incredible image quality, unique form and super status symbol screen...OH JUST BUY THE THING!

Price: §4,000
Fun: 7

It can be bought on Cozmo Street.

Wall-mounted TVEdit

Wall-mounted TV
Game The Urbz: Sims in The City
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §5,000
Object type(s) Electronics

Plasma TV's are nice, but take it up a notch with a wall-mounted gold-framed model. Increases floor space for elaborate dinner parties and decadent soirees, with added amusement of making insane TV shows look like "art."

Price: §4,000
Fun: 8

It can be bought at Diamond Heights.

The Sims 2 & The Sims 2 Pets for ConsoleEdit

Televisions reappear in Sims 2 for console with the channels slightly being modified from The Urbz. There are three channels that are somewhat identical to the Urbz originals, but with different audio.

Pure TVEdit

Pure TV
Game The Sims 2 (Console)
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §500
Object type(s) Electronics
High definition? Try the V-hold. Plasma screen? Be glad you got glass screen. No cable, no video "in," none of that hype and clutter...just good old pure "TV" the way it was meant to be.

Cheapovision Television SetEdit

Cheapovision Television Set
Game The Sims 2 Pets (Console)
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §500
Object type(s) Electronics

High definition? Try the V-hold. Plasma screen? Be glad you got glass screen. No cable, no video "in," none of that hype and clutter...just good old pure "TV" the way it was meant to be.

Price: §500
Fun: 3
Room: 2

Trottco MultiVid TelevisionEdit

Trottco MultiVid Television
Game The Sims 2 (Console) and The Sims 2 Pets (Console)
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §2,250
Object type(s) Electronics

Keep yourself entertained with this truly tremendous television from Trottco. The picture-perfect tube broadcasts Reel Color images. Sonorous multi-channel audio both captivates and dazzles Sims on the sit. Comes with multiple A/V and gaming inputs. Who needs to go anywhere else when you've got Trottco? No one, that's who.

Price: §2,250
Fun: 4
Room: 2

Blade Vision VERY High HD TVEdit

Blade Vision VERY High HD TV
Game The Sims 2 (Console) and The Sims 2 Pets (Console)
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §3,500
Object type(s) Electronics

The next generation in HHD displays brings out details you've never seen before: individual droplets in a spring rainstorm ... the slimmest whisker in a basket full of kittens ... the faintest pockmarks on sitcom stars. Nothing is hidden from Blade Vision. You'll be licking your screen or no money back.

Price: §3,500
Fun: 5
Room: 2


  • In The Sims 2, some channels such as the Sims Broadcasting Network use video clips from SimCity 4 as well as clips from The Sims 2, which all channels use.
  • On the Channel Trowler 27Deluxe TV and the Trottco 27" MultuVid IV Television, the word "Maxis" can be seen on the DVD box
  • In The Sims 3, the TVs use video clips from The Sims 2 for their channels (except for the exercise channel which uses The Sims 3, Halls of History, The Sims 2 and elements from SimCity Societies).
  • In The Sims 2, if the time is sped up and a television is on, the television won't speed up, but go at normal speed instead. However, in The Sims 3, if the time is sped up and a television is on, the television will speed up.
  • In The Sims 3, all channels lack commercials.
  • The music for the Super Shopping Network channel is the same as the Geeky house theme in MySims.
  • In The Sims 2, users could place their own video clips in a special directory (much like custom Music) and these would play instead of the default clips. Clips had to be in AVI format to work.
  • In The Sims 3, Sims as young as toddlers can watch TV.
  • Many programs on the television in The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 show Easter eggs[clarification needed]
  • If you look closely at the second cheapest television from The Sims 3 (the old CRT TV), you can see games such as SimCity, The Sims, and MySims. Amusingly, The Sims 2: Castaway can also be seen thrice, one of which is placed upside down.
  • The music heard from the gardening channel (Got Garden?) was Rumba Sal sul, one of the songs from the radio.
  • On the console version of The Sims 3, sometimes when a Sim switches on the TV, the TV will make no noise and there will be a static picture of the program they are watching, similar to The Sims. However, the fun motive will still go up as normal.
  • In The Sims 4, text in the end credits of some of the in-game shows translate to "Made by the genious [sic] creators of Plumbob Pictures at Electronic Arts Redwood".

The Sims FreePlay Edit

Name Image Stars Price Level
Bunny Ears TV 1 §50
Small Flat Screen TV 1 §500
Humungovision TV 1 §1,250
Light Wall TV 2 §1,750 8
White Wall TV 2 §1,700 10
Dark Wall TV 2 §1,800 10
Black Wall TV 2 §1,850 11
OTT TV 3 §5,500 16

Shows Edit

  • News - A Sim, another Sim talking in the background, talking about what appears to be an alien invasion.
  • Show - Two Sims talking in the burger bar in the Sunset Mall. They start off peaceful before they start arguing.
  • Documentary - Same as Show.
  • Movie - Same as News.
  • Movie Marathon - Same as Show and Documentary.
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