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World · Featured in: The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories
Romantic sites and scenery have long graced the seaside region of Tartosa, creating the perfect setting for love and matrimonial pursuits. It isn't uncommon for vacationers and honeymooners alike to return year after year, seeking to re-experience the intimacy of visits past. They say there's a love story in the making for everyone. Just ask Tartosa's residents, and they'll excitedly gossip about local Wedding Industry shenanigans or the area's love-laced, historical past. But even if a Sim doesn't find their soulmate here, one thing is for certain... they're fated to fall in love with the land.
Name Tartosa
Game TS4 GP11 My Wedding Stories Icon.png The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories

Tartosa is a world featured in The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories. It is based on various locations in the Mediterranean.[1]


Village Square


Visit Porto Luminoso's various shops and market stalls. Just don't forget to try the world-famous fruit tarts!

Romantic Sights


Romance lofts through Tartosa's air, and there's always a new adventure to be had at one of the area's various romantic sights!

Local History


Word travels fast through Tartosa's Grapevine, and myths and legends about the area's history abound.


There are two neighborhoods in this world:


There are 6 residential lots, 1 rental lot and 2 community lots in Tartosa.

Residential lots[]



Empty lots[]

Rental lots[]

Community lots[]


New families[]


Arnessa Thebe, Hector Laurent, Hilary Laurent, Greta Laurent, Jace Laurent
"Laurent" may be a newer name in the area, but the family certainly isn't. For generations, they've owned the local wedding venue, the cornerstone of the wedding industry in the area. And Hilary's family opened the first food stall in the village square back when they first moved to the area. Now she's a chef in her parent's restaurant, and the local food market has flourished. Together, this family forms a wedding-industry powerhouse.
Lucia Markovic, Mateo Markovic, Tomi Markovic
The Markovic family are locally-renowned for their contribution to the musical-side of the wedding industry, despite having put off their own wedding time and time again. This is no small part due to relations between them and the Laurent family being rather strained. Mateo believes the Laurents have a stronghold on local wedding business and works hard to retain relevance. While Lucia's animosity is directed at Hector, a former lover, all the drama and work has kept them busy and unwed!

Manage Worlds[]

Camille Soto, Dominique Soto
Years ago, Dominique and Camille were married in Tartosa. Each year they returned on vacation in hopes of re-experiencing the love - and rich local culture - only Tartosa offers. Once both women retired, they decided to make their yearly trip more permanent.

Dominique is an artist who now spends her days painting landscapes and portraits in the village square and Camille is a writer who has taken an interest in the area's storied history. Many consider her to be the Porto Luminoso historian and she can often be found enjoying the outdoors alongside Dominique while chatting about local history with anyone willing to listen.
Faiz Jaleel
Faiz is a poetic, hopeless romantic living in an area that specializes in the wedding industry—a constant reminder of his single status. He spends his days in the village square, selling flowers, and daydreaming of his missing soulmate. Perhaps one day, his dreams will come true. But until then... he has a flower for everyone.


Not Quite the Ghost Chair.png
  • Tartosa's name might come from a mixture of Tortosa, a city in Spain, and tart, referring to wedding cakes.
  • The town used to, or still has it's own royalty, as mentioned in description of Not Quite the Ghost Chair. (It is likely that Princess Cordelia Thebe is the mother of Arnessa Thebe)
  • Tartosa is the second world in The Sims 4 that can have lots assigned as beaches, provided that The Sims 4: Island Living is installed.
  • Many lots in this world have Italian names, even though not every architectural style is Italian.
  • The waterfalls in Terra Amorosa might be inspired by Croatian waterfalls.


  1. Mentioned in The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories Livestream by art director, Cheyenne Kelsey at 16:40.