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Question 1: Landgrab

Counted The Fact The "Landgrab" Family Appear Within This New Saga Of Sims 3 Characters, Would This Mean That The Landgrab Family Will Do What They Did In "The Sims: Bustin' Out" ? (i.e Destroying Rare Items, For Quests).

Question 2: Missing Lots

Ok, Gunter Goth And His Family are The Founders Of Sunset Vally. And Look At all The New Places In The Game, Theres A New Graveyard, And A Beach, And A Museum. But If Sunset Vally Is PleasentView A Few Years Back, The Why Don't These Places Appear In The Sims 2 PleaseentView? (NOTE: This Game Must Be Dated Back Very Far, Because The Bridge In PleasentView Doesn't Appear In Susent Vally)

A: Remember we have to figure out where plesant view/ oldtown was which part of sunset valley. techinically a neighborhod is one out many many neighbgiorhoods that make -up a town. maybe maxis was just showing us one neighborhood, or just a samll part of the won. Rember the town is going to be huge esepcailly since,now its completely seamless!

Question 3: Premade Sims On Box Art

I Have Noticed All The Premade Sims On The Box Art Seem To All look-A-Like, Is This Going To Effect Every C.A.S? (i.e When I Create Something, will it match an NPC?)

Question 4: The New Families

If All Of These New Families Appear In The New Game, Then How Come Mortimer Goth Cannot Remember?, There Is A Brand New Family The Game Called "Altro's", And There His Parents Arch Enemy, How Come Mortimer Has No Memory Of Them In The Sims 2? (My Guess: They Might Have Been A Spoiler If They Where Remembered But Not Featured.)

Question 5: Mysterious Fire

There Was A Mysterious Fire In The Sims 2, Within Mortimers Memory's Ad Least, Acording To The Memory, And The Articles. Mortimer Burned Down His own House By Cooking, If So, Did That Fire Spread?, Because Most Of The Buildings In The Sims 3 Don't appear In The Sims 2, Could this Be The Cause? ...

A: lets not forget all the other ppl opf pleasantview who should rember a large fire!

Xiaou 18:24, 12 March 2009 (UTC)Xiaou

  • Answer Well Maxis didn't know the future, smartie!

Wow!, you had some good observations, and in which frankly I wanted to know the answers. So I posted them on Sunny's page: where they would get a better chanced of getting answered. I made some minor phrasing grammaticaladjsutedments to the questions. Sunny won't answer tehes for a while,and they are posted anoymously , so i figured there were no worries, is that ok? emaning you could always fel free to cahnge them or remove them however you like. Remember I could always remove the questions if you don't want them posted there!


    • ps: In regards to questions 4: the goths and the Altos are enemies? I thought those where the Landgraabs who had a problem with the Altos, now the goths too? O_o now I'm so confused. but thats really intresting where did you get the info?

Gunther Goth and Mr. Alto are running against eachother for mayor. They both have very different ideas how Sunset Valley should be, and that's why their enemies. --Random Ranaun 15:19, 5 April 2009 (UTC)

oh! isee. kk thankxFREEDOM 55

The Hipp Family?

I watched the sims 3 preview where the Hipp Family were created but i don't think they'll be in the actual game. Were'nt they just made to show free will? I didn't want to delete them just in case but does anyone else think the same as me?? And if so why are they on the Sunset Valley Page?? They could have there own page (Yeah!), but shouldn't be included on the sunset Valley page if there not a real family. Matta jr 10:50, 5 April 2009 (UTC)

  • p.s I don't think we should get rid of the Hipp houshold page (completly the oposite). I think we should just separate it from Sunset Valley as I think there not in the base game! (I think its a good idea to keep them to show the possibilities of CAS and free will in the sims 3!) :D

the sims 3 site confirmed Liam as being in the assuming the rest of the household will also be in the sims 3 final game. so i think we best leave it. ^_^FREEDOM 55

New Info as confirmed from the sims 3 site....

15:43, 11 April 2009 (UTC)The sims 3 site has posted new detailed information about characters we seen in videoas, the sims 3 promo, screenshots,and in the sims 3 artpics. which means we are able to get iamges of the characters from our sims 3 gallery or snooty sims. when on the hompage of the sims 3, there is now a flash preview of susnet valley characters or landmarks, discriptions right from the site are as follows:

"Zack is a local football star who likes the ladies. They like him too, until they see his pigpen of a home." so we can derive that he possibly has traits of be a slob and being flirty.

"Marcela is the cutest master theif in /susnetValley, she could pick a lock before she could pick her nose."

"Travis Chaseis a real cowboy inside and out, from his pointy boots to his western-styled ranch house.His artpic and traits were first advertised in march 2008 with the old sims 3 site. unfornately at the time I didn't know the importance of retriving them.

"Brianna,over emotonal braniac.She is such a workoholic that her brain and her feelings work OT" OT=overtime. we can confirm her traits are workoholic,over emotional, and genuis. again, on the old sims 3 site, is told us the other two traits, however i fail to get them.

"Officer Roscoe would be Susnet Valley's finest cop if he wasn't a comlusive kleptomaniac." we can confirm her has the kleptomaniac trait.


"The Fountain is a popular Sunset Valley landmark.Perfect place to mett old freinds or make new ones."

" Dine al fresco(or au natural if you like)at the Bistro,a perfect spot to meet old freinds for a quick bite."

" Something is always happening in the town center.If there's not, just start something yourself."

All this information was retreived from:

On a sims 3 article on the, located here:, an senior Al engineer confirmed more citizens of sunsetvalley,they are as follows:

"The pick-up line which worked so well on Pauline may not work quite so well on Bessie Clavell, who has no sense of humor whatsoever!

" Madison Watson is sweet, but perhaps a little immature."

"The Frio brothers may have a nice house, but they have personality issues which make them less than ideal as boyfriend material.

  • So I propose we make all this new info about seperate cahracters into pages,add to exsiting pages and add it to susnetvalley's page.

---sincerly ^_^FREEDOM 55

Seamless Neighberhood

I don't understand how the neighberhood is totally seamless !? :S But I thought that maybe its not totally seamless but VERY big. So your sims can travel really far, but there needs obviously keep going down so if they dont turn back and go home then they will wet themselves or fall asleep on the floor and eventually die becasue there needs are really badly down! Does anyone else have any theorys about the seamless neighberhood? :) Matta jr 10:34, 14 April 2009 (UTC)

- A Seamless neighborhood just means that the whole town, Sunset Valley, will age and be out in town doing their own thing, even though you are not playing that perticular sim. Yes, you will still need to take of your sims needs, though.

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