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Sylvan Glade
Sylvan Glade
Lot type Secret lot
World Willow Creek
Game The Sims 4

Sylvan Glade is a secret lot in Willow Creek. Sims can only access the area through the unique Sylvan Tree located in Foundry Cove, adjacent to the Crick Cabana lot. Sims must interact with the tree in a specific manner in order for a portal to appear, and once entered the Sim must choose the correct path through the tree in order to be able to travel to Sylvan Glade. After the initial visit, the Sim can simply enter the portal to travel directly to Sylvan Glade. Sims with a level 7 wellness skill can teleport to Sylvan Glade while meditating, if they have previously visited the area.

Sylvan Glade contains a pond with rare fish, as well as the exclusive treefish. Rare frogs and plants can be found in the surrounding area, including a cherry tree, pear tree, snapdragon, lily, bluebell, strawberry, mushroom, and basil.

As the glade is kept within perpetual twilight, vampires are totally immune to the effects of sunlight here.


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